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CD Review: Little Beirut “Fear of Heaven”

Not one to disappoint within the realms of easy listening/pop rock music, Little Beirut shines again with an outstanding, solid third album. The band consisting of Hamilton Sims, Edwin Paroissien, Alex Inman, and John Hulcher released Fear of Heaven on September 4 and are fast establishing themselves as, possibly, the next biggest band from the indie rock universe – Portland, Oregon.

Having already won the hearts of critics with their second album, High Dive, Little Beirut explodes again with FOH. It is an album easily played over and over with beautiful, mesmerizing melodies and sensitive rock ballads. With the direction of producers Jeff Stuart and “the Stephen King of indie-pop,” Chris Robley, FOH elevates Little Beirut as a stronger, assured musical unity that’s staying true to their sound.

FOH defines the essence of everything you would expect from a perfect pop rock album and, without a doubt, solidifies the talent Little Beirut possesses. Whereas FOH may be more direct and raw than previous recordings, Little Beirut’s objective was to keep current fans pleased, all the while reaching out to new ones.

With the title of the album infiltrating most of the songs, the band tantalized with the notion of human nature’s ever-failing quest of finding true happiness and, as a result, each song is emotional and, perhaps, a personal reflection of nostalgia. Last Light foreshadows the tone of the album with an easy gentleness and just enough rock and roll, while poppy tracks Cosmic Waitress and Cigarette Girls are great sing-along songs with catchy, upbeat guitar riffs that result in automatic, cheerful head bopping. The rest of the tracks hold true to Little Beirut’s persona as well. Especially the tender and earnest Apology To The Heart, Tullalah, How Long and Lifeboat.

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Solid Rock Cd…

[…] . Whereas FOH may be more direct and raw than previous recordings, Little Beirut […]…

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