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CD Review: Made of Boxes S/T

Made of Boxes is an Indie Rock band from Seattle, Washington. The band is made up of members Luke Brown on Vocals, Guitar, Keys; David Chapaitis on Guitar, Bass; John Hage on Keys, Bass, Vocals and David Testa on Percussion, Vocals. Having been around a short amount of time, the band formed in December of 2013. The band is about to celebrate the release of their debut album as that self-titled release will hit the streets in July.

The new self-titled album from Made of Boxes begins with the track “Mountains”. The track contains a moderate pace to the music. The Indie Rock of the band on the first track of the album would seem rather straight-forward if it wasn’t for the occasional feedback that gives the track its unique feel.

The first track of the album contains a definite moderate pace to the music. The pace to the second track of “Osprey” is not as clear-cut. The guitar that begins the track contains a jazz/classical feel and sets a certain pace to the music. The drum that joins the jazz-like guitar seems to speed that pace up a tad. That back and forth play changes the pace several times before the band decides on one pace. The jazz-like approach to the Indie Rock on the track of “Osprey” creates a track that is just as unique as the first track of “Mountains”.

As the self-titled album from Made of Boxes continues, the listener becomes more and more familiar with the sound of the quiet guitar that makes up the majority of the music on each of the tracks that make up the album. “Floodlight” is one track that features that guitar more than any other. The majority of the track contains a certain quiet quality to it before the band launches into a stronger, louder and quicker feel to the music for a few bars before retreating back into the quiet. “Floodlight” is the strongest song of the first three tracks and shows off the talent of each of the members of Made of Boxes, as well as the vocal ability of Luke Brown who also alternates his voice from quiet to a more intense feeling throughout the track.

The track of “Jeremy” from Made of Boxes changes the direction of the music of the band just a bit. While the previous tracks contains a certain amount of jazz influence, “Jeremy” feels as if it should belong on an album from an artist like Al Jarreau who creates albums of vocal jazz tracks. The light feel of the music and the laidback approach of Brown’s vocals make the jazz-inspired track yet another unique track on the self-titled from Made of Boxes.

The band returns to a more rock-based sound for the track “Concrete”. The resulting track features a folk-like approach to the rock music. The track once again finds the band creating a track that contains a slow and easy pace to the track yet a stronger drumbeat than previous songs on the release. “Concrete” is one of the heavier tracks on the self-titled album from Made of Boxes.

Some of the tracks on the new release from Made of Boxes have a soft, almost jazz-like approach to them. Because of that, it comes as no surprise when the band takes a turn creating a completely instrumental track. “Drawing Circles” is a jazz-like track that features both acoustic and electric guitars that seem to intertwine to create a song that contains a very infectious melody. The guitars on the track alternate with the main melody to create a track that contains a nice complexity to the music. Although one of the most laidback tracks on the debut album from Made of Boxes, the song is one of the catchiest of the release.

On the new album from Made of Boxes, the band spends a few tracks in a very mellow musical direction before picking up the pace with the track “Butterflies”. While the track still does not blow the listener away with its intensity, “Butterflies” does have a more intense rock feel to the music than the previous three tracks. The Indie Rock by the band creates one of the catchy and memorable tracks on the album.

For their new 2016 self-titled album, the band Made of Boxes creates Indie Rock that is very heavy in its jazz influence while also incorporating a nice amount of alternative rock to help shape their style. The resulting tracks on the album are very strong as the band members take their time crafting songs that are equal parts melody and musical ability. For a debut release, Made of Boxes makes an album that begs to be heard from beginning to end.

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As Made of Boxes will be celebrating in just over a week, the band’s self-title is not currently available for purchase or download. Therefore, check out the band’s new video for “Mountains,” one track that will be on the upcoming release.

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