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CD Review: Mark Huff “Stars for Eyes”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Mark Huff has been creating music for nearly twenty years. Whether he was down in Las Vegas or in Nashville, Huff has always found himself being able to draw from many different influences to create his music. The love for creating music began when Huff and his brother created their first band. That initial group got the juices flowing for Huff and after taking the British Invasion and Punk influences from that initial band; he stared adding more influences into his original music. And as of today, the resulting music from Mark Huff is a mix of several genres.    

For his new album, Mark Huff’s Stars for Eyes begins with the track “Prison Door”. The beginning of the track features the sound of an electric guitar and keyboard that lay down a strong musical riff. Before long, the rest of the instrumentation joins in and the track becomes a Rock and Roll track featuring a sound that would fall somewhere between an eighties sound and one from the nineties, with a stress on the eighties vibe. The timeless feel of the track will appeal to lovers of Rock and Roll that has an energetic feel to it.

Immediately, the new release from Mark Huff changes musical directions. The album continues with the “title track” of the release. “Stars for Eyes” contains a pace that is quite a bit slower than the previous track. The feel of the music has changed as well, as the music on this track contains more of a Soul-based feel to the music. The track still contains some Rock and Roll feel, which gives the track some depth. The Rock/Soul feel of the track actually gives the song a “space-y” feel which only adds to the title and lyrics of the song.

Just like when the feel of the music changed between the tracks “Prison Door” and “Stars for Eyes,” the feel of the music changes once again with the next track of “Carolina Blue”. With the pedal steel on the track, the song features a slight Country feel to the slower, easier pace to the song. The resulting feel can only be described as Americana since the track is basically equal parts Country and Rock & Roll. The song “Carolina Blue” comes across as a track with definite “crossover” potential as it will draw fans of both styles to the music.

With the song “Big City Down,” Mark Huff and the rest of the band creates a track that would fit along the same lines of the track “Carolina Blue” before it. The Folk-Rock track comes complete with a steel guitar that is the instrument that shapes the feel of the track the most. “Big City Down” deals with a small-town person thinking about the bigger city and the potential it holds. The track feels as if it would have been right at home on AM radio back in the seventies.

Speaking of retro sounds, the track “God in Geography” also contains a sound that takes the listener back. With this song, however, the resulting music on “God in Geography” feels as if it could easily have come from New Wave Rockers The Cars. As the keyboards on Mark Huff’s track feel as if they were straight out of the eighties, “God in Geography” would have been right at home on radio during that time period.

Mark Huff and the rest of the band once again change the direction of the music. The track “Nightingale” finds Huff and the band adopting a more Countrified sound on this track. The With the inclusion of the piano, steel guitar and even Jews harp all blending together, the resulting track brings to mind the music of Michael Nesmith of the Monkees and his group The First National Band. The musical blend on the track will please any Country fan and the inclusion of the Jews harp gives the song a slightly humorous feel to it.

As the listener goes through the Stars for Eyes release from Mark Huff, the eleven tracks continue to change musical directions. The album never stays in one musical mindset very long before the sound of the music changes. As the songs from Huff are written well, the musicianship on the album is just as strong, helping to make the release an enjoyable listening experience from the first track to the last.     


To check out the music of Mark Huff, check out the song “Big City Down”. 


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