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CD Review: Mark Nomad “Soul Proprietor”

Going all the way back to the advent of Rock And Roll, several other musical styles blended together to form this brand new style of music that would take the world by storm. Among those styles were blues, jazz, country and others. And it’s always good to remember where things started. From time to time, it’s good to discover a new musician who is keeping the foundation of the musical style alive. One such musician who is creating his own musical style by going back to the beginnings of Rock And Roll is Mark Nomad.

While most of Mark Nomad’s music is based in the blues, he blends other styles into his music to make it closer to rock than blues at times. With this blues-based musical style, Nomad is setting the New England area of the country on fire. Recently, Mark Nomad celebrated the release of his newest album entitled Soul Proprietor.

Some people have a naturally good technique and comfort level when playing in front of an audience. With people like that, the best way to capture the magic of the music is to record them live on stage. That is exactly what you get with Mark Nomad’s new album of Soul Proprietor- a live performance of Mark Nomad and his band.

When Mark Nomad’s Soul Proprietor begins, the band starts the album off with two blues tracks: the Junior Wells song of “Snatch It Back And Hold It,” and “Sweet Little Angel,” a track written and made famous by BB King. These two songs let the listener know that Nomad knows how to play the blues, and the band also proves they can hang with him with the blues style.

The CD changes when Mark Nomad and the band launch into the Smiley Lewis classic of “I Hear You Knockin’”, the song written by Dave Bartholomew and Pearl King.  The version that Nomad and the band play fits in with the rest of the blues that is contained on the album. And with the Elmore James classic of “Shake Your Moneymaker,” the band gives the crowd and the home listener the chance get up and dance, just like the song says.

While most of the album contains mostly originals, the album does contain a few tracks written by Mark Nomad. Songs like “Don’t Waste Yourself,” “Heirs To The Throne,” and “Rocking Horse” allow the listener to hear the writing ability of Nomad to prove that he is more than just a good guitarist.

And since Soul Proprietor is not a solo project, three musicians that help to fill out the blues sound join Mark Nomad on stage. Along with Nomad, the other musicians are: Doug Jones on Saxophone, Peter King on Bass, and Sturgis Cunningham on drums. Jones, King and Cunningham are not just good blues musicians; they are good musicians no matter what style of music. From time to time during the concert that was captured to create the Soul Proprietor album, the band slipped into jazz passages and even a few instances of rock passages.

While Mark Nomad is more of a blues musician than a rock musician, he and his have their times when they do “rock” the stage. If you are a fan of rock music, remember that blues is part of the basis of rock music. And Mark Nomad and his band have created a good album of music that any fan of rock music should check out. It may even give you a reason to check out other musical styles other than rock.

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