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CD Review: Matty T. Wall “Sidewinder”

Australian musician and singer-songwriter Matty T. Wall became a fan of American Blues music at a young age. The style of music crossed over from America and found a market in Australia where Wall and others then picked it up. He, then, found a band to help bring his music to life. Along with Matty T. Wall, the musicians who help him form a band include Stephen Walker on bass guitar and Ric Whittle on drums. What results from this trio is a musical style that contains a strong Blues base with plenty of energy in the music. Together, that trio has recently put out the second album to be released from Matty T. Wall entitled Sidewinder.

Sidewinder from Matty T. Wall begins with the song “Slideride. “Slideride” is a track that seems to just explode into the air as the track begins. The song features a strong Rock and Roll feel to the music with a hint of Southern Rock to go along with a musical approach that recalls the playing of the guitarist Dick Dale. The energy that comes from the guitar on the instrumental track gives the listener a very strong track that acts like an intro for the rest of the music that is to come.

The album’s title track of the release follows the track “Slideride”. “Sidewinder” contains the same type of energy as the previous track and comes with a driving feel to the music. The energetic feel of the music recalls songs from bands like Aerosmith and other rocking bands in the eighties who would be described as Power Rock. The driving feel of the music is met with the energetic vocal delivery from Matty T. Wall who vocals also feel as if they would have been right at home in the eighties, but would also feel right at home in today’s more upbeat Rock and Roll bands.

The Sidewinder release from Matty T. Wall continues with the song “Something Beautiful”. This track slows the pace of the music down quite a bit. This track also features a stronger Blues-like feel to the music. The slower, more relaxed track allows for Wall’s vocals to shine through as those vocals show off his vocal range as he sings. While the track is quite a bit different than the two tracks that came before it, “Something Beautiful” allows a more Pop feel of the music from Matty T. Wall to come through.

While Matty T. Wall draws from the Blues when writing his music, the new track on the release proves that he also pays attention to other forms of music that also have been rather large influences on Rock and Roll. The track “Change is Gonna Come” takes the music of the album back several decades as the track was originally written by Soul singer Sam Cooke back in the mid-sixties. The Soul influence from the song is definitely felt on the new version from Wall as he and the band create the track with plenty of Soul feel. The use of strings on the track helps to add to that soulful feel. With all the political unrest in the world at the moment, it seems very fitting to revive the track right now. The new version by Matty T. Wall and his band does a good job of paying tribute to the original version from Sam Cooke.

With the track “Can’t Stop Thinkin’,” Matty T. Wall and band bring forth a real Bluesy feel to the music on this track. Paying tribute to both the early Blues musicians like Robert Johnson and the later musicians who had been influenced by them such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, the track “Can’t Stop Thinkin’” falls somewhere in the middle of both eras. The track’s lyrics feature a feel that brings to mind the early writing of the Blues legends while the music of the track contains enough energy that it brings to mind the newer artists who like Matty T. Wall, are creating new Blues tracks today.

For the track “Shake It,” Matty T. Wall and his band perform a track that features a Bluesy Rock and Roll feel to the music. The energetic track with the Blues/Rock feel to the music brings to mind the early days and the later days of the band Great White when that band created tracks that were heavy on the Blues influence. In fact, “Shake It,” much like Great White’s earlier track falls into the Classical Rock vein. If you’re a fan of Classic Rock, this is one track on the Sidewinder release from Matty T. Wall you must check out.

Another track on the new release from Matty T. Wall that features a strong Soul feel like the song “Change is Gonna Come” from earlier in the album is the track “Ain’t That the Truth” It is the guitar work on the track that stands out the most. The overall Soul feel of the music plus the Jazzy feel of the guitar brings to mind the playing style of the American singer-songwriter John Mayer. The way the overall feel of the track blends together with the guitar work on the track, listeners can hear influences from the like of Mayer as the track is slightly reminiscent of tracks from the early days of that musician. In fact, “Ain’t That the Truth” would not feel out of place on Mayer’s 2001 release of Room for Squares.   

While most of the release from Matty T. Wall would be considered fun and relatively easy to listen to, the Australian singer-songwriter brings his new release to a close with the most controversial track on the album- “Mississippi Kkkrossroads”. “Mississippi Kkkrossroads” is the one track on the release that Wall wrote that used the words from Chris Thomas King who tells the tale of a man who is being chased by an angry mob because they simply don’t like him because of who he is. Like the song “Strange Fruit” from Billie Holiday, “Mississippi Kkkrossroads” was written as a way to expose the bad things that were going on in the Deep South here in America. With his version of the song, Matty T. Wall performs his lyrics to his track using rap as the style to bring a lot of the anger out of the lyrics.

Throughout his new album of Sidewinder, Matty T. Wall creates songs that make use of the various musical influences he has acquired over the years. Classic Rock, Soul, Blues and more blends together to make a release that feels rather well-rounded. The inclusion of the various styles ensures that the listener will find something that they will connect with as they listen.

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