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CD Review: Mayve “Motion”

Long Island-based Indie-Pop band Mayve originally began as a three-person trio with the group consisting of frontman and lyricist Nick Micheline, lead guitarist Mike Gusman and drummer Joe Rene. They would later add Kyle Murphy as rhythm guitarist & keyboardist and bassist Matt Emma to complete the band’s current line-up. The resulting band creates a sound that consists largely of New Wave and Alternative influences. What resulted was a band that is heavily based in a keyboard sound that alternates between a slightly retro feel and a more current style to their sound. The band had already released one EP entitled Animals, the band is back with a new EP just released in early 2017 called Motion.

Motion from Mayve begins with the track “You”. Right from the start, the track sounds like it belongs on the radio as the track brings to mind commercially accessible artists like Simple Minds. In fact, the track feels like one of the more laidback tracks like “Alive and Kicking” that could have been produced by the band. The sound of “You” by Mayve seems to float between the feel of the eighties and today’s pop music which makes it perfect for those looking for either style of music.

Mayve’s new EP of Motion continues with the track “45d (enter)”. The track is simply a very ambient piece of music that makes the listener feel as if they are floating in the air. The track would be perfect background music for when you want to relax. The track of “45d (enter)” acts like a segue between “You” and the next track on the EP.

The third track on the EP is entitled “1924”. When the song “You” floats between the eighties and today, “1924” is firmly grounded in the eighties. That being said, the style of the track brings to mind the American artists like The Raspberries who were creating their sound after being influenced by the likes of the British bands like A Flock of Seagulls. The style of “1924” from Mayve falls somewhere between commercial and Indie. That’s not a bad thing; it’s just that the track has a unique feel to it.

On the track “Cruel Intentions,” Mayve fully embraces a New Wave feel to their music. The keyboards and guitars together create a sound that brings to mind either A Flock of Seagulls or the band Haircut 100, a band that was famous for their New Wave hit single “Love Plus One”. The New Wave direction found in “Cruel Intentions” feels as genuine as anything that had been created back in the late seventies/early eighties.

With “Young Blood,” the next track on the EP, Mayve changes their style drastically. Gone is the New Wave feel. Instead, the Indie Rock track created by the band contains such a strong Jazz influence that it would easily fit on any Smooth Jazz radio format. Along with the jazz-like style of the music, the vocal delivery from frontman/vocalist Nick Micheline adds to that Jazz feel of the track. A track like “Young Blood” is what really shows the listener the versatility of a band as the song takes the listener in a completely different direction from the rest of the album.

Once again, Mayve creates a segue effect with the next track called “45d (exit)”. Much like the earlier track of “45d (enter),” this track also features a gentle, ambient feel to the music and a slow pace to the track.

The Motion release from Mayve comes to an end with the title track “A Motion”. The previous track of “45d (exit)” actually works well as a segue as “A Motion” contains a very laidback feel to the music that is even more laidback than the Jazz-like feel of “Young Blood”. The slow pace of “A Motion” works well to bring the seven-song release to a close.

Motion from Mayve is the perfect Indie-Pop release as it features many different styles blending together to create a release that feels very commercial one minute and then a little less commercial the next. The various styles that make up the EP give the listener a strong indication of just what the band can do. With the seven tracks that make up the release, Motion from Mayve is nicely varied. You can just imagine how strong an entire album would be.

To check out the music of Mayve, listen to the band’s song “You“.

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