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CD Review: Micah Olsan and the Many “All Around”

Micah Olsan is a Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter who creates music that has many different musical influences to it. And while that may be the case, those influences help to create a sound that is very solid and very listener-friendly. To bring his music to life, Micah Olsan is joined by four other musicians that seem to have the same creative drive to their playing ability. The resulting band creates a sound that is equal parts Folk, Blues, Soul and Rock. The band of Micah Olsan and the Many consists of: Micah Olsan- Vocals, Guitar; Cody Calderon- Drums; Adam Dosemagen- Bass; Dan Alexander- Keyboard; Eric Lemieux- Guitar. Together, this band has created a five-song EP called All Around.

The All Around release from Micah Olsan and the Many begins with the song “Trouble”. While its sound is not that much like the track of the same name from the singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne, “Trouble” from Micah Olsan and the Many does have the same type of groove and both songs contain a generous amount of Soul influence to their music. But with Olsan’s song, the music contains more of a Bluesy feel to it. The Soul/Blues combination on the track creates a song that is strong from the very first note and the groove created by the band just seems to carry the listener with it.

All Around continues with the song “The Way Young Lovers Do”. For this track, the band seems to draw more upon the Soul influence of their sound. All five musicians come together on this track and create a song that is very much a jam session. All five musicians take turns all mini solos in the music on the track and that adds to the jam feel to the song. The song proceeds with its jam-like feel and seems to come to an end way to soon. The easy feel of the music and the jam session quality to the music make the song one of the best moments on the All Around EP.

The new release from Micah Olsan and the Many continues with the title track. While “The Way Young Lovers Do” has a jam-like feel to it, the song “All Around” finds the five members of the band drawing from a different musical influence. The track feels like a combination of Rock and Jazz and that creates a song with a gentle flowing feel to the music. The piano from Dan Alexander seems to come to the forefront a little more on the track and that adds to the gentle feel of the song. The gentle feel of the track gives the listener a nice sample of what the band can do when they want to create a lighter sound than their regular sound. With the lyrics of “‘Beauty’s All Around’ she said to me and I believe her,” it’s easy to see how the lyrics of the can influence the pace and feel of the song.

The track “Because It’s There” finds Micah Olsan and the Many drawing from many different musical styles to create a track that contains Rock, Blues, even a little Calypso in its music. The track’s lyrics seem to want to explain why we as humans do what we do: “We climb a mountain ‘Because It’s There’”. The track is one of the more lighthearted moments on the All Around EP.

All Around from Micah Olsan and the Many comes to a close with the track “On a String”. Like the track “All Around” earlier, the band creates a lighter feel to the track and slows the pace of the music down. The track again allows pianist Dan Alexander to come to the forefront as the song revolves more around the piano than any other instrument. The gentle almost folk-like feel of the song helps to bring the release to a close with on a gentle note.

Together, Micah Olsan and the Many have created a release in All Around that draws from many different styles and that helps make the EP enjoyable from the very first note until the very last one. The five songs and twenty minutes seem to be over way to quickly but that only makes the listener want for more. Here’s to more.

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