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CD Review: Mother Mother “Eureka”

While the Vancouver-based rock band Mother Mother has been around since 2005, many people outside of Canada may not know the band or their music. While Mother Mother formed when Ryan Guldemond and his sister Molly joined together with Debra-Jean Creelman to play Ryan’s music live in concert, the band now consists of Ryan on vocals and guitar, Molly on vocals and keyboards, Jasmin Parkin on keyboard and vocals, Jeremy Page on bass and Ali Siadat on drums. The band’s name of Mother Mother was decided on by the group to alleviate the confusion as to what the original band name of “Mother” meant. Since forming, the band has released three albums: 2007’s Touch Up, 2008’s O My Heart, and the band’s newest release, 2011’s Eureka.

Mother Mother creates rock music that features a new wave feel, especially with the two female singers/keyboard players. Listening to the album Eureka from Mother Mother feels like you are taking a trip back through time to when there was still some creativity in the music industry. The band’s sound feels like it belongs on college radio during the 1980’s when bands in both England and North America were pushing the limits of the rock music of the time to create new and exciting styles.

from Mother Mother begins with the song “Chasing It Down”. The song keeps changing tempos from easy to more rockin’. The shouting parts of the song really get your blood pumping. This song feels like it would be a great song to hear in a live setting. It also sounds like it should be the band’s first single off the release.

On “The Stand,” the band really has a new wave feel. The lyrical play between Ryan and the two female vocalists has the listener thinking about songs created by one of new wave’s most famous bands, The B-52’s. In fact, “The Stand” sounds like it would be right at home being played between “Rock Lobster” and “Love Shack” by The B-52’s.

With “Baby Don’t Dance,” the band adds a little bit of irony to the album, creating a song that contains a beat that could really make you want to get up on the dance floor and move your body.

Born in a Flash,” the fifth song on the album, features the band slowing down the pace. With the strings added to the song, the easy-paced song has a feel that could remind you of a song written by The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).

Simply Simple” is probably the best and strongest song on the album. It has the most commercial feel to it of any of the songs on the album and could easily find its way onto many radio stations here in North America and abroad. Together with both Ryan and Molly Guldemond singing the lead vocal parts, the two keyboards from Molly Guldemond and Jasmin Parkin help to create a beautiful melody for the song that adds to the strong bassline created by Jeremy Page. Altogether, the various parts combine to a well-written tune with a lot of potential.

If there was one song on the new release from Mother Mother that would have to be described as straight-out rock, it would have to be “Problems”. The song has a very strong rock beat to it. It also has a saxophone that adds that rock sound to it, making it sound like something from back in the seventies or eighties.

While the vast majority of Eureka from Mother Mother features vocals from Ryan Guldemond, it is his sister Molly who takes the lead vocal on the song “Getaway”. Molly Guldemond has a voice that is very reminiscent of English singer-songwriter Kate Bush.  Along with Molly taking the lead on the vocals, another thing that is different with this track is the fact that the song contains a section of the music that is very different and more rockin’ from the rest of its ballad-like tempo.

Far In Time” is another song that contains a strong beat. In fact, it’s the beat that starts the track off as the guitar from Ryan Guldemond creates a rhythm that is quickly added to by the rest of the band to quickly segue from a slow pace to a quicker one. That strong pace to the music brings the energy level back up after “Getaway” took that energy down a step. It is another song that could easily be used as a single to promote the album. And with “Far in Time” and “Getaway” being back-to-back on the release, the two tracks create one moment on the album where the listener really gets an idea of the talent of the band as a whole.

The album ends with the track “Calm Me Down”. The keyboard on the track and the rhythm created by the band takes the final song on the album in a New Wave direction. The strong beat from the song helps to bring the album to an end on an “up” beat.

The dozen songs contained within the newest album from Mother Mother help to create one strong release. If you have never heard of this Canadian rock band, what better place to start to discover the band’s sound than with their very strong 2011 album called Eureka.


Watch the video for “The Stand” from Mother Mother here. For more information, check out the band’s label of Last Gang Records.