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CD Review: My Glorious “Home Is Where The Heart Breaks”

What do you do when part of your band wants to call it a day and move on to other things? You try to find other people to fill those voids that now exist. But what happens when those members of the band who are vital to the sound of the group are the ones who want to leave? You either decide to give up completely, or you take a step back and decide to become something else with the musicians who have decided to continue on: A new band, a new sound, a new identity.

While the Vienna, Austria-based band Fresh had been popular over in Vienna and other regions of Europe, some of the members of that band wanted new things. And it was at that point that two band members (including the former lead singer of the group) called it a day, leaving behind three musicians who still wanted to continue on as a band. What may have been a problem for some bands turned into something of an opportunity for the rest of the group: The band’s remaining guitarist (Sami Fisher) took on the responsibility of lead singer for the band, and with the other remaining members of the group [Gregor and Paul Sailor (bass player and drummer, respectively)], he went about creating a new rock outfit by the name of My Glorious.

While Fresh was a band that kept their sound and style as pop/rock, the remaining members of that group who now make up My Glorious decided to take the new sound in a different direction. The new band’s style still has a commercial appeal to it; though, the new sound is based a lot more in the rock side of pop/rock than the old band was. This new style was recorded on the band’s 2008 release Leper. And now the band has just released a new album by the title of Home Is Where The Heart Breaks.

Home Is Where The Heart Breaks begins with the song “Love Extenders”. The song starts the new album from My Glorious off with a very strong beat.

The album continues with “You Should Be Dancing”. This song is the first single off the album. Like the first song of the album, this song has a strong beat. But unlike the first song, the track has enough of a dance beat to make anyone get up and move, just like the song suggests.

My Glorious’ new album seems to split its time between songs that keep the listener tap their feet to the beat and those songs that give the listener the chance to hear what the band can do with their instruments. The new album keeps moving with the song “Break My Heart”. The song gives the listener both a chance to rock out and the chance to hear the musicians play their instruments.

A great showcase for the band’s musicianship is the song “Horse”. While the song begins with a low-key delivery, the song builds to a strong instrumental passage that lasts for more than one minute.

The remaining tracks of Home Is Where The Heart Breaks from My Glorious are just as good as the ones that have been mentioned. The twelve songs that make up Home Is Where The Heart Breaks From My Glorious combine to make for a great listening experience.

Going from being part of a successful rock band to needing to decide what direction to take next would usually make a person doubt their talent. However, Sami Fisher, Gregor Sailor and Paul Sailor knew they had the talent to create a band that could compete with anyone currently out there in the music world. And with their band of My Glorious, the Vienna, Austria-based trio has transitioned well from being part of a pop-rock band to a band that has a “fresh” rock sound. The band’s new album, Home Is Where The Heart Breaks, proves that they made the right move to stay the course and keep on making music. Now, it’s time to make an impression on the rest of the world.

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