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CD Review: Nathan Corsi Band – A Londoner Anarchist

Akron, OH musician Nathan Corsi has been a part of the regional music scene of Northeastern Ohio for many years as he played everywhere from concert venues to outdoor gigs. If there was an event that needed some musical entertainment, you could almost guarantee that Nathan would be part of it.

Along the way, Nathan has developed a style of playing that is part rock/part blues. With a style that would be at home alongside musicians like the deceased Stevie Ray Vaughn, Nathan’s style of playing has made his name well known in Northeastern Ohio.

Nathan Corsi and some other musicians created a band known as The Vibes. While the band members were in high school, this group became known from their performances in the Greater Cleveland area High School Rock Off. With each time that the band competed, they made quite an impression with the audience. The Vibes took their style of Indie Power Blues and created one CD together. However, after only a short time together, the band had run its course and Corsi went on to other things.

Now, years after the young musician took those school competitions by storm, Nathan Corsi has put together an outfit that performs under the moniker of The Nathan Corsi Band. Together, this band has created an album entitled “A Londoner Anarchist”. Though the album title sounds weird for a band from Ohio, the title is actually an anagram for the songwriter’s name: Nathan Leonard Corsi- A Londoner Anarchist.

The band that created the album is a trio made up of musicians from the Akron, Ohio music scene. Along with Nathan on Guitar and vocals, the rest of the band consists of Phil Risko on Bass and Vocals, and Dominic Tancredi on Drums. While this recorded the album, the current lineup of the group is different.
Having matured from those early days in music when he played with The Vibes, Nathan Corsi has taken his musical style and changed it a little bit, taking the power blues style he was used to while writing and creating his new style of rock music. There is still the feel of blues to Corsi’s music; however, the songs he writes now fir more into the rock genre. It is this style of music that is featured on the 2008 release by Corsi and his bandmates.

The album starts off with two of the hardest hitting tracks on the release: Rolling Away, and the title track of “A Londoner Anarchist”. These two tracks are immediately followed by one of Corsi’s best-sung songs on the release, This Place. The album continues to alternate between the rock songs and the more bluesy tracks that are contained within the remaining nine songs on the release. Medusa and Alive Again are among the best bluesy tracks, while Devil on a Raft and Painted Red are among the best rockin’ tracks on the release.
If you like the power blues style of Stevie Ray Vaughn and musicians like him, Akron, Ohio musician Nathan Corsi has found the perfect feel for the music that he writes. This combination of styles can be found within the music on his new release with his backing band named for him.

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