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CD Review: Os Mutantes – Haih or Amortecedor

Os MutantesOs Muntantes, or The Mutants as is translated in to English, are a hugely influential progressive rock band from Brazil.

Originating back in 1966, the band have had a colourful history, including many line up changes, drug addiction, and fall out’s.

They have influenced a plethora of artists from Talking Heads front man David Byrne, and Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, who publicly requested the band reform in 1993. This did not happen though until 2006, when founding members Arnaldo and Sergio Baptista announced their first show since 1978. This ultimately culminated in the recording and forthcoming release of ‘Haih’.

Taking a few listens, it is clear there is still a lot of Progressive and Prog rock elements to the music, but there is also a sprinkling of Samba and Jazz, as is evident in ‘O Careca’.

This album will please the most fussy music lover, as Os Mutantes have produced a very eclectic album. But, it is a album that you will need to listen to a few times to appreciate the brilliance behind the music.

Brazil’s best kept secret is now your’s to share.

Aaron Phillips