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CD Review: Paul Nelson Band “Badass Generation”

The late Johnny Winter was one of the most popular Blues guitarists when he was alive. Even after he was gone, people still consider Winter to be a very influential musician. Winter continues to influence up-and-coming guitarists. One particular musician who was very influenced by Johnny Winter was Paul Nelson.

Years ago, Nelson was the man who helped shape the sound of Winter’s music by playing guitar in the Johnny Winter Band. And now, years after the passing of Johnny Winter, Paul Nelson is finally making a name for himself by stepping out of the shadow of Winter. Currently, Nelson is creating his own music with his own band of musicians. In fact, the Paul Nelson Band has just recently released their debut album of Badass Generation. It is this album that allows the listener to experience the talent of Paul Nelson and his band.

Taking a page (or two) from Johnny Winter himself, Paul Nelson and his band create Blues Rock. The band’s music has the same type of energy that had been found in Winter’s style. To bring his music to life, Nelson calls upon three musicians to complete the band. Along with Nelson himself who adds the guitar to the band’s music the rest of the band consists of Morten Fredheim on vocals, Christopher Alexander on bass and Chris Reddan on drums. The foursome of Nelson, Fredheim, Alexander and Reddan creates a sound that makes use of Johnny Winter’s influence. However, the band still creates a groove that is separate from Winter’s style. Together, The Paul Nelson Band just released a new twelve-song collection of music entitled Badass Generation.

The Badass Generation album from The Paul Nelson Band begins with the track “Down Home Boogie”. The track of “Down Home Boogie” starts off the band’s release with a groove with more Blues influence than Rock influence. The slow, Blues-like tempo of the track gives the song a definite driving feel to the music. The guitars from Nelson add that Blues-like sound and the driving bassline from Alexander reinforces it. Morten Fredheim’s vocals feel like they should be in a Classic Rock track instead of in a Blues song and that adds to the Blues-Rock style of the band. “Down Home Boogie” is a very strong way to kick off the self-titled release from this talented musical outfit.

With the track of “Keep It All Together,” the band adds a little more a Rock approach to the music. As a matter of fact, the band’s musical approach includes a little twang to the music. That twang gives the track a sound that would remind the listener of something that would have come from maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd or even Kid Rock. The track’s refrain also contains a very catchy hook that will appeal to many listeners.

On the song “Goodbye Forever,” the band creates another memorable moment. That moment is made with the help of the bass from Christopher Alexander and the guitar from Paul Nelson. The bass and guitar on the track combine to form another hook that will immediately grab the attention of the listener. The lyrics of saying goodbye sung by Morten Fredheim add that unmistakable Blues feel to the track. The upbeat feel of the music is matched up with the slightly sad lyrics. Those sad lyrics make for a song that could be a lot sadder than it is. It is because of the upbeat approach to the music that the track stays away from bringing the pace of album down.

The Paul Nelson Band takes their music in a more Rock and Roll-like approach on the track “Cold Hearted Mama”. The track finds the band creating a track that seems to be more influenced by a band like Bad Company than from someone like Muddy Waters. Ultimately, the track is catchy enough that it would fit onto any Classic Rock format. It could easily pick up plenty of airplay if given the chance.

The Paul Nelson Band changes directions a little bit on the next track of the Badass Generation release. “Please Come Home” finds the band incorporating some acoustic elements that help to soften the band’s sound. The track features the acoustic guitar as the featured instrument from Paul Nelson. With that instrument, Nelson seems to add a few jazzy elements to the band’s music while still maintaining a swift pace to the tune. While the band creates a slightly softer sound, the energy of the music is far from diminished. The track ends up being a nice change of pace from the rest of the songs that came before.

Coming late in the playlist on the Badass Generation album is the track “Fooled By Love”. The track finds the band creating a track that brings back the sound and feel of the Power Rock sound that was popular back in the 1980s. On “Fooled By Love,” the music revolves around Nelson’s guitar work. The vocals from Morten Fredheim seem to bring out the pain that is contained within the lyrics. “Fooled By Love” is easily one of the most commercial tracks on the new release from The Paul Nelson Band.

There are plenty of moments to enjoy on Badass Generation from The Paul Nelson Band. Along with the unmistakable influences from Johnny Winter, the band makes use of other influences that help to give shape to their music. Ultimately, the band’s music will appeal to fans of Winter and other Classic Rock artists alike. And with Paul Nelson having backed up Winter for as long as he did, the influences that rubbed off on him have made Nelson a musician to watch in the future. But for now, check out the Badass Generation release from The Paul Nelson Band and you won’t be sorry.

To check out the music of The Paul Nelson Band, check out the video to the song “Fooled By Love“.  

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