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CD Review: Preacher Stone

preacher stone 200If you like your rock ‘n’ roll down and dirty with a large slice of bluegrass then Preacher Stone will be right up your dusty alley.

Hailing from Charlotte North Carolina, this five piece consisting of Ronnie Riddle (Drums), Marty Hill (Guitars), Benny Huntt (Guitars), Josh Sanders (Bass), and Brett Enman (Drums), have created a debut offering of blues orientated rock songs fit for any hoedown.

Opener “Not Today” is raw sounding with slabs of guitar licks and a underlying bed of keys, which would not sound out of place on a Lynyrd Skynyrd album. Stand out tracks include the infectious “Livin’ Proof” with it’s funk driven riff and powerful vocals, and the more gentle “Blood from a stone” which has a country feel to it, but still packing a punch.

Preacher Stone obviously have a sense a humor that is brought to the fore in the gloriously titled “Old fashioned ass whooping sum bitch”, and “Tractor pull”, which were quite possibly written with tongue firmly in cheek.

There are a couple of filler tracks on the album, “Southern Hospitality” being one of them, and musically they are not breaking any boundaries, but what is on offer here is a collection of fun, hard rocking anthems to dance around your hat to.

Aaron Phillips