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CD Review: Quiet Company “Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon”

quiet company 200Quiet Company is a new sensation out of music hotbed Austin, TX. The band is fronted by Taylor Muse, who is no stranger on the scene, having spent time in many other bands including The Connotations and an early version of Eisley. “Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon” is the follow up to their first record, “Shine Honestly”. In addition to singing, Muse contributes piano, guitar, organ, banjo, percussion, harmonica, and – yes, the glockenspiel. Quiet Company also boasts Tommy Blank on guitars, electric piano, organs, synthesizers, and – yes, glockenspiel. How many other bands do you know of with two glockenspiel players?! Finally, we have Matt Parmenter on bass and piano and Jeff Weathers at the drums.

Regarding the theme of the new record, the bands states, “Lyrically, the record promises songs that will make you fall in love with life and then just as
quickly challenge everything you know about it”. No doubt, as the track listing contains some of the most intriguing song titles you’ll ever see on a CD.

Despite their name, the latest from Quiet Company roars into action, steam-rolling ahead with numerous top notch tracks such as the building, “A Nation of Two” and the bouncy philosophical number, “It’s Better To Spend Money Like There’s No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like There’s No Money”. Other standouts include “Our Sun Is Always Rising”, “Seal My Fate”, and “Golden (Like The State)”. The record has some trouble sustaining the quality of the first half, but this is more because that first half is so good.

Whether peppy or slow, the band exudes an energy and enthusiasm that makes every track jubilant and a pleasure to hear again and again. I’d recommend Quiet Company for those who dig Semisonic or Wilco, and all sounds in-between.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9

Quiet Company on MySpace. Official site.