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CD Review: Renegade Ride – Dream Machine

dream machineThis album is yet another excellent example of an independent rocking band recording an inspiring and timeless classic album, once again, the more I hear this, the more I want. This is not greed, I just know what I like and man I do like Renegade Ride so so much. Once again they join the infinite rank of inspiring and as yet unsung heroes in the progression of hard edged full on Rock’n’Roll.

The album starts with ’Stars’, a great flowing song with real strong choruses that lead you into the colour and feel of the album, changing tempo and gaining weight close to the end of the song.

’Dream Machine’ is next, flowing harmonies and ripping riffage with just enough feeling of angst to give this track a truly great edge. The angst never reaches anger, just at the turning point it harmonises and flows joyfully towards the next heavyweight crescendo.

’Burning up Inside’ starts with a eastern feel to the guitar work and drum rhythms, which is highly inventive and pleasing. From here it rips along with a great selection of melodies and chords and of course, riffs.

‘Absolution of Growth’ follows, the intro to which highlights the competence of the drumming and four string guitar work. Again it is harmonic but hard hitting and beautifully flowing, another track with such strength and a fine example of RR’s unrivalled Rock’n’Roll expertise.

’Absolution of Growth’ is a hard hitting masterpiece, one to blast out and really get those windows shaking, true quality. Very much in the same format as the rest of this album and it rips, tears and shakes its way so well throughout.
’Break me to Pieces’ starts with some inspired riffage which follows throughout with chords to match and is a truly magnificent Rocking love song, this could lend itself to being a wonderful single release, its so hard hitting and catchy.

‘Crusader’ is an arms in the air classic, those arms would very soon turn to air punching during the choruses. It uses and highlights Jaakko’s tremendous vocals, sounding as if it is taking his vocal chords right to the limit.

‘Close Your Eyes’ is a real full on blast, put it on and turn it right up past full, lay down in a darkened room and lose yourself into this. It will enlighten your soul and raise your spirits fully.

‘World Without Soul’ follows suit and I give the same listening set up advice as the previous song. Again, it uplifts and enlightens and is just so dynamic.

’Requiem’ closes this album perfectly, it hits out hard as ever using some vocal harmonies, remaining so true to its title.

In some ways (jokingly) I hate bands like Renegade Ride, they have cost me so much due to blowing speakers and causing amps to give up during that final exhale of plastic smelling smoke! Long live Renegade Ride, we should all work towards their prosperity and longevity.

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