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CD Review: Resilient “How to Peach”

Much of the current music being produced today seems to lack the bit and power of music from days gone by. Thankfully, there are still those out there who want to create new music that contains the power and energy of real Rock and Roll. While it seems that type of band is getting harder and harder to find, once in a while you will find the diamond in the rough, musically speaking. Once such band creating real Rock and Roll today is the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Resilient.

Resilient is a four-piece Rock and Roll band consisting of Lennon Cantwell: Lead guitar/backing vocals; Alicia Dickerson: bass; Erin Fox: guitars/vocals and Katie Fox: drums/backing vocals. Together, the members of the band draw inspiration from various forms of Rock and Roll, but mainly from Alternative and Grunge. The resulting style of music from Resilient is something that has not been heard regularly for several years now. So with the band’s new album of How to Peach, Resilient is keeping the memory of Grunge and Alternative Rock alive.

The new album of How to Peach from Resilient begins with the track “Crickets”. The song contains a very strong 90’s Alternative Rock feel to the music. Moreover, the track screams Hole featuring Courtney Love. The track feels very much like something from Hole’s 1998 release of Celebrity Skin; specifically, the “Crickets” track from Resilient is more than a little reminiscent of the album’s title track of “Celebrity Skin”. Like that classic track, “Crickets” from Resilient has a strong, driving pace to the music and you can almost imagine Love being the one to sing the lyrics to the track. But in this case, that responsibility goes to lead vocalist Erin Fox who does a great job. For those missing the sound of the 90’s Alternative Rock music, this track is just what you’re looking for.

Resilient’s How to Peach continues with the track “Ceiling”. While the first track of “Crickets” had a driving feel to the pace of the music, “Ceiling” comes across as a lot more relaxed. In fact, the track’s musical feel is closer to a Lounge style of music than Alternative Rock. But as the music still does not fit into the commercial style of mainstream Rock and Roll, “Ceiling” could (and should) still be considered Alternative in nature. As the track of “Ceiling” progresses, the song picks up steam and the band ends up letting loose and creating a strong jam near the end of the song.

With the track of “I Broke It As Soon As I Got It,” the band shows off a slightly different side of the personality as a group. While the track ultimately would be classified as Alternative Rock, the band adds a lot of Progressive Rock elements to the music such as off-kilter rhythms. The addition of the Prog-Rock elements adds a lot of depth to the track.

The track of “Medication” seems to have been created after having been written about real-life events. The track’s lyrics deal with the singer as she goes through side effects because of taking medicine to treat the illness. While the lyrics are rather grim, the music of the track was created having a rather upbeat feel to it. The listener will even notice a connection to the track in the cover art as the artwork contains not only a reference to the title track (and final song) of the release “How to Preach,” but also references to medication in the pills that fill up the album cover.

As a change of pace, the members in Resilient send their music in a more straight-out Rock and Roll direction on the track “Comin Yer Way”. The guitar-heavy track brings to mind the Rock and Roll music of the seventies from bands like Molly Hatchet, Foghat and other bands that were creating the harder Rock and Roll during that era. “Comin Yer Way” from Resilient shows that the band may draw a lot of their influences from Alternative bands like Nirvana and Hole, but they also find influence from older music as well.

Resilient’s How to Peach comes to a close with the “title track” of the release. The song “How to Preach” finds the band returning to a Grunge direction for the final track. Like many of the tracks that make up the release, “How to Preach” is a track that features a strong, driving nature to the music of the song. The track contains a lot of Grunge influences; however, there are also a lot of influences from the likes of Joan Jet in the music, as well. “How to Preach” is a track that, through its different musical influences, will connect fans of different eras of music together.

When much of the music out there today seems to be missing a lot of energy, How to Peach from Philadelphia’s Resilient is one release that hits hard from the start and never lets up. If you are tired of music that just doesn’t it hard enough and have been looking for an album that falls into the category of REAL Rock and Roll, then How to Peach from Resilient needs to be added to your music collection.


For a taste of the music of Resilient, check out their live performance of the song “Medication“.

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