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CD Review: Richard Snow “Tuesday Music” (2008 reissue SideBMusic)

SideBMusic has recently reissued Richard Snow’s self-titled debut and now his 2005 effort, “Tuesday Music”. The latter comes complete with seven previously unreleased tracks comprised of alternate takes, mixes, and live versions.

Richard’s debut was a strong power pop record in the tradition of Brian Wilson, but I find that I am enjoying “Tuesday Music” even more. Instead of succumbing to the sophomore slump, Richard Snow has stepped up to the plate and delivered a release even better than the debut, which is no small feat.

You know you are in for a treat from the very first strum of the bright acoustic guitar beginning “Silent Girlfriend”. Snow wastes no time in getting to the gorgeous harmonies that he cranks out so effortlessly, never more welcoming and pleasing to the ears. “You’re My Number 1” continues this trend and contains a great chorus hook. Snow flatters his 60s pop influences brilliantly on “Hard To Be Happy”. “Lonesome Cowboy” is an adventurous foray into multiple musical genres, including a country-flavored bass line in the verse to fit the theme, and Snow’s genius shines through in how he expertly blends these disparate parts into a cohesive tour de force. “Expectations” is another pop rocker that impresses with its ability to blend multiple catchy parts into a single, masterful tune. Lyrically, “Days of Simplicity”, which finds Snow lamenting the degeneration of the music business, is one of my favorites.

Among the bounty of bonus material, I find the coffeehouse renditions of “Attention Not Required”, “Silent Girlfriend”, and “Hard To Be Happy” to be particularly mesmerizing.

All in all, Richard Snow is more confident and focused on “Tuesday Music” than ever before. The songs on a Richard Snow release are like snowflakes – each one is unique and a true marvel. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience that pays homage to the greatest pop artists of the 60s while still sounding contemporary.

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