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CD Review: Rocket “Get Huge”

Los Angeles-based band Rocket is an Rock band that is keeping the spirit of true Rock and Roll alive with a sound that brings back the influences of the music that was alive and well back in the nineties or earlier. Together, this band has been creating their style of music for more than five years now. The band known as Rocket consists of: Janelle Barreto (Lead Vocals), Eric Wibbelsmann (Guitar), Steve Kilcullen (Guitar), Jordan Lawson (Bass), and Paul DePatie (Drums). The band just celebrated the release of their newest EP containing five tracks of all original music. The new release from Rocket is entitled Get Huge.  

Get Huge from Rocket starts off with the first single off of the EP called “Giants”. The track begins with a rather strong bass riff from bassist Jordan Lawson before the rest of the band joins in. Because of that beginning riff, the bassline from Lawson continues to appear to be in the foreground more than the EP’s remaining tracks. The bassline is joined by the rest of the band to create a track that feels more like something from the Glam Rock era of Rock and Roll than from the Alternative era. One of the reasons for the Glam Rock feel to the track is singer Janelle Barreto’s lyrical delivery that contains a strong influence from singers like Joan Jett who made her name during the Glam Rock era of Rock and Roll. Plus, the track’s musical delivery falls somewhere between Glam Rock and Rock and Roll from the eighties. That throwback feel to the music creates a track that will give fans of older styles of Rock and Roll something to enjoy. 

The new release from the band Rocket continues with the track “Hey Baby”. Like the first track, the band draws from earlier musical influences to create the music for this track. The straight-out Rock and Roll feel on this track takes the listener back in time to the seventies/eighties. “Hey Baby” contains a Rock and Roll sound that draws its influences from Classic Rock bands from that time period. The guitars in the track from Eric Wibbelsmann and Steve Kilcullen as well as the vocals from Barreto help to create a timeless Rock and Roll track.  

With the next track on the EP, Rocket changes their sound just a little by adding a little more Punk feel to their song “Fading Out”. Part of that influence comes from the band and part of that once again comes from the vocals from Janelle Barreto as she seems to be drawing her vocal influences from singers like the aforementioned Joan Jett and/or Wendy O. Williams. The Punk/Rock combination on the track makes the track feel both fresh and a little bit retro at the same time. The result is a track that would have fit on the radio back a few decades but is still fresh enough to fit on today’s Rock and Roll formats.

Rocket’s Get Huge release continues with perhaps the most radio-friendly track of the EP. With the track entitled “Remain,” the band takes their music in a rather commercial direction. Instead of staying with a straight-out Rock and Roll approach, the band takes their music in a direction that features a large amount of Pop-rock influence. Where the earlier tracks would easily fit on Hard Rock/Classic Rock radio formats, the more listener-friendly Pop-Rock style of “Remain” would be more welcome on straight-out Rock and Roll radio formats. While the track is definitely different from the tracks that came before it on the Get Huge EP, the most commercial direction of the song shows off the band’s ability to create something for everyone.

Get Huge from Rocket comes to an end with the track “Fever”. With this track, the band takes the listener back to a more solid Rock and Roll sound to their music. The resulting track finds the band creating a song that would easily fit within music from the late seventies/early eighties and therefore would fit on any Classic Rock radio format.

When listening to the Get Huge EP from the Los Angeles-based band Rocket, the listener gets a release that is a Rock and Roll lover’s dream come true: As the band draws its influences from many different styles and eras of Rock and Roll, it’s that constant change throughout the five tracks on the EP that helps to create a rather solid release that never fades and keeps the listener entertained. While the Rock and Roll contained on this release may draw from earlier eras of music, fans of true Rock and Roll will truly enjoy this release.

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