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CD Review: Satellite Gods “Marker 7-58”

Australian singer-songwriter Brendan McMahon found his calling in his early teenage years as he started to listen to bands like Led Zeppelin, KISS and Black Sabbath and discovered he wanted to make music just like those bands and others. After taking time to develop his craft as a musician while being part of several cover bands, McMahon found his own voice and started creating his own songs. Most recently, McMahon has put together a band of his own called the Satellite Gods. Together with this group of musicians, McMahon has released the band’s second album entitled Marker 7-58.

Marker 7-58 from Satellite Gods begins with the track “Falling to Earth”. “Falling to Earth” brings the listener back to a time when there was still a lot of originality being created in the music industry as the style of Alternative Rock was just starting to develop. The sound produced by Satellite Gods on this track features a Rock and Roll style that brings to mind the style of U2 and other bands from the late eighties/early nineties.

The new release from Satellite Gods continues with the track “Saturday Night in Riga”. The band changes musical directions with this track as they bring a lot of influence from Irish singer/songwriter Van Morrison. The easy pace of the music as well as the light feel of the track itself really brings out the influence of Morrison’s writing as Brendan McMahon creates a song that feels like a vignette set to music as the narrator sings of a normal weekend night in Latvia. “Saturday Night in Riga” comes across as a song that would resonate well with people who enjoy songs with a narrative to them.

Marker 7-58, the new release from Satellite Gods, continues with the track “1 through 8”. Once again, Brendan McMahon and Satellite Gods create a track with a light pop/rock feel to the music as McMahon sings of watching a baby sleep. The poetic feel to the lyrics as he counts all the ways the child is perfect fills the song with plenty of emotion as the listener can all but imagine the child lying in their crib.

After several tracks from Satellite Gods that have a pop/rock feel, the feel of the music changes for the track “Invisible”. The track takes a stronger Alternative Rock sound to the music. While the track takes on a less mainstream feel to the music, the lyrics take on a much more personal feel. The lyrics deal with a person looking for a way to fit in with the rest of society. The slow pace of the music on the track seems to work well with the political overtones of the lyrics as the singer looks for acceptance from the world.

One of the standout tracks on the Marker 7-58 release is the track “My Friend”. This track changes the feel of the album drastically, at least for one track. Unlike the previous songs, “My Friend” begins with Brendan McMahon singing a’ Capella with a few other voices adding harmony. The track then features strings that help to reinforce the beauty of the words being sung by the voices in the track. The alternating between voice and strings on “My Friend” combine to create one of the most powerful moments on the Marker 7-58 album from Satellite Gods.

After taking a moment to create a very sobering track in “My Friend,” Satellite Gods once again bring the fun back to the release. The song “Once” contains a very bouncy, upbeat feel to the music. With the slightly Celtic feel to the music, “Once” comes across as a track that could have been inspired by the likes of the Irish/English band The Pogues. The band even joins in on the refrain of the song to give even more of a party atmosphere feeling to the track.

After many tracks that contain a “single” feel to them, Satellite Gods changes their mindset or the song “Stand By”. On that track, the band seems to let loose and create a track that feels more like an outright musical jam. The members of the band take turns with solos and the result is a track with a jam band feel to the music. And truthfully, the song could actually have been a little longer in its playtime.

Throughout the thirteen tracks that make up the newest release from Satellite Gods called Marker 7-58, Brendan McMahon and the rest of the band creates song after song that make for a very strong and solid album. This is the type of release that should simply be experienced from beginning to end without skipping tracks.

To hear the music of Satellite Gods, check out the song “Saturday Night in Riga”.

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