CD Review: Sibuna by Anubis

sibunaAnubis was formed in the spring of 2007 by Pete Williamson, Simon Lees and Sarah Co’burn. At the time Pete was working as Budgie’s PR manager and Simon was Budgie’s lead guitarist. Budgie are a Rock band from South Wales UK. They are widely considered as one of the first heavy metal bands and a seminal influence to many acts of that genre, with fast, heavy rock and a strong influence on many great acts such as Metallica, as well as helping to shape my own personal taste in music. They were being played as early as 1971, preceding other influential bands. Notable Budgie songs include ‘Breadfan’, ‘Crash Course In Brain Surgery’, ‘Parents’ and ‘Napoleon Bona – Parts 1 & 2’. This is just three of many.

Getting back to Anubis, Pete had written a piece of music, which required lyrics and vocals, which Simon (eventually) got around to completing. On hearing the finished product both decided that it was rather good and realised that there was potential to form a band around this. Sarah Co’burn, a talented local singer songwriter was drafted in because of her unique and diverse writing style (not to mention her visual charms!). Sarah is also Pete’s daughter which adds to the overall synergy of Anubis sound. To complete the package Andy Hart – another former Budgie guitarist was invited to join and has added a fourth dimension to the band’s already unconventional inventive and personalized sound.

Andy sadly left in November 2008, his replacement Jon Crowe is a well established guitarist and guitar teacher, the line-up was then completed with the addition of Kev Bartlett on Drums.

The debut album “SIBUNA” was released in Jan 2008 and contained influences from Nu Metal to Classic Metal and Jazz Rock to Folk. Despite this huge diversity the band manage to combine their influences intelligently to form the brand new sound which is …. ANUBIS. It mat not be much of a surprise judging by the background of Anubis, their professional sound is absolutely impeccable with production to match. They remain happily unsigned as they play from their hearts and souls, not wishing to have any of this tainted by commercial pressures.

An EP by the name of Avatar was release November 2008. This release is absolutely brilliant. Track 1 ‘Above Water’ strums and flows majestically utilizing Sarah’s glorious vocals and is a beautiful Rock love song, written by Sarah. Track 2, ‘Stalked BY Sadness’ (Isis Mix), was written by Pete and Simon has more emphasis on guitar play, Sarah provides additional vocals on this song. It emphasizes the overall colour of the brilliant aural picture that Anubis paint so well. Track 3 ‘In Your Mind’, written by Simon and Andy, is the powerhouse of the EP, its dynamic hard hitting harmonies gives a feeling of true arms in the air live ecstasy. Track 4 ‘Avatar’, written by Sarah, blends the styles of the first three songs whilst highlighting the Space Rock and ancient Egyptian influence, which is Anubis. Work is in progress for the release of the second full album in November 2009.

Although the music is performed and recorded to a very high standard there is an element of humour in some of the lyrics. Anubis is about having fun, which is why they remain unsigned.

This release (Avatar) features many different styles from out and out acoustic track with hard hitting lyrics, classic hard rock to synth based rock.

The album ‘Sibuna’ is a tour de force of Anubian style. We all know about Bill and Ted, these guys must have been such an influence to the creators of those movies, I personally hardly feel worthy to write about them. Also I have been a huge fan of Motorhead for about 35 (ish) years, the point being that I can hear the influence on the playing style of Phillip Augustus Campbell, their lead guitarist of the past 24 years.

Ravings aside ‘Sibuna’ opens gently with ‘Little Picture’, which leads you sweetly in and onto ‘The Pharaoh’. This is a true masterpiece of flamboyant Anubian guitar style backed by a hard hitting and driving deep bass rhythm, which is a masterpiece in itself, flowing along with the percussion to provide a perfect backbeat. ‘Your World’ is another guitar driven masterpiece, again using Sarah to provide excellent vocals, which are a joy to hear. Next is ‘Stalked By Sadness’ which I have covered earlier as it is also on the ‘Avatar’ EP. ‘Magic Carpet’ has Simon providing vocals and is a hard hitting little charging tune, leading onto ‘Us’, Sarah’s voice really does show its full strength here as she sings about the dynamics of a relationship between Mother and Son, another beautiful song written by Sarah. ‘Masquerade’ (available here as a free download) is a great blend of all that is Anubis, hard Rocking while dynamically flowing using Sarah’s incomparable vocals once more, a great song for getting a taste of what Anubis are all about. Then ‘No One Is Immortal’ kicks in driving, uplifting and once again driving home Anubian strengths and imaginations. ‘Dual On The Nile’ is another guitar-based masterpiece, again highlighting the professionalism and quality of this band. ‘Angry Dolphins’ is much of the same but on another level, less hard hitting and more melody based. To close the album ‘Your World Vampire Waltz’ is a gently flowing prologue once more with Sarah providing vocals with a flowing acoustic guitar style.

Bonus tracks are a magnificent instrumental version of ‘Stalked By Sadness’ and ‘Anubian Dream’ which is a flowing dreamy song that is very easy listening while it calms you down after all of those exciting peaks of this album.

Anubis, along with many others highlights all that is great about British Rock. I am personally gutted that are not able to play at my first Rock Out gig, but who knows what may happen once Rock Out is up & running………..

You can find out more about Anubis and forthcoming shows and events by logging onto where you can also purchase the debut album SIBUNA , I strongly recommend that you do, and Anubis T-shirts. To contact Anubis simply e-mail