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CD Review: Sir Canyon “Ventura Skies”

What happens when you create a sound for your band with various influences like Folk, Rock, Indie Rock, even some influence from the music of Spaghetti Western movie soundtracks? You would think you might end up with a hodgepodge of stuff that doesn’t really sound like it would blend well together. However, when it comes to the band Sir Canyon, a band of musicians from Southern California that is led by Noah Lamberth, they have created a style with all of those musical elements that come together rather well to create something that is fresh and unique. That unique blend from Sir Canyon can be found on the band’s new album entitled Ventura Skies.

Ventura Skies from Sir Canyon begins with the track “Angeleno Daydream”. The first thing you’ll notice is the influence of the bass tremolo effect at the beginning of the track that adds a slight Western flavor to the background of the song. On top of that is a flavor to the music that brings to mind the guitar stylings of Santo & Johnny Farina of “Sleepwalk” fame”. Together, the two influences help to create a musical blend that adds a lot of depth to the otherwise folk-rock track. The slow pace to the music of the song and the various other elements make for a song that seems to feel both retro and fresh at the very same time.

With how unique the sound of “Angeleno Daydream” is, Sir Canyon continues that uniqueness with the next song of “Cindy Come Over”. The track about a blooming relationship comes complete with a rather exotic sound. Featuring a mariachi band feel in the horns at the beginning of the track, “Cindy Come Over” immediately takes the listener in a direction that is completely different from the previous track of “Angeleno Daydream”. Along with the horns on the track, the inclusion of bells adds to the exotic feeling to the otherwise Indie-Rock track.

After two tracks that feature an exotic mix of styles, Sir Canyon’s Ventura Skies album continues with a more straight-laced feel to the music. The “Golden Days” track features an Indie Rock feel to the music. And while the track may still contain a more unusual musical blend than most straight-out modern Rock and Roll tracks, “Golden Days” features a strong guitar-driven feel that would easily fit on any Modern Rock radio format. And it’s the guitars of the track that help to add a lot of energy to the track.

Ventura Skies from Sir Canyon slows down on the track “Grace Grace”. While the previous tracks on the album revolve around the strength of electric guitars, it’s the acoustic guitar on the “Grace Grace” track that seems to be the focal point of the song. The softer feel of the acoustic guitars help to give the track its driving feel. The inclusion of several swirling electric guitars adds a lot of energy to the track. In fact, while the acoustic guitar is front and center on the track, the electric guitars help to shape the feel of the song.    

Sir Canyon keeps a lighter feel to the music going on the track “Everything I Hate About Her”. While “Grace Grace” features the acoustic guitar but contains a strong electric feel because of the electric guitars in the song, the easy feel of “Everything I Hate About Her” comes from the acoustic guitar, mandolin and slide guitar on the track. The slower tempo of the track helps give the Ventura Skies album from Sir Canyon a slightly different approach on this track.

The album continues with the title track of the release. “Ventura Skies” is a track that features a laidback feel to the Rock and Roll as the song brings to mind the style of music that the Rock band Fountains of Wayne of “Stacy’s Mom” fame has created. That pop-rock sound on the track gives the song a rather commercial feel to the track, making the song one of the standout tracks on the album.

Noah Lamberth and band picks up the energy of the music on the track “Burning Flame”. Like the track “Ventura Skies,” the band explores a much more conventional Rock and Roll sound on the track. Because of the guitars on the track that bring to mind Rock and Roll songs from the nineties, “Burning Flame” is one of the more commercial tracks on the album. “Burning Flame” is one track that will stick with you long after the album comes to an end.

Throughout the Ventura Skies release from Sir Canyon, Noah Lamberth and band explore many different styles when creating their music. That ever-changing style and feel to the music creates an album that stays strong and never lets you down.


The Ventura Skies release from Sir Canyon will be released on March 2nd, 2018. The band has released the track “Golden Days” before the album comes out.

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