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CD Review: Soles of Passion “Land Of The Big Blue Sun”

Los Angeles-based duo of Steven Wolfe and Myla Snow form core of the band Soles of Passion. To help shape the music of the band, Wolf and Snow are joined by a group of talented musicians who give the ever-changing style of the band its sound. Depending on the track created by Wolfe and Snow, some of the songs from the musical outfit focus on the Rock side of the band’s personality while others bring out the duo’s Country side. Together, Steven Wolfe and Myla Snow have created several releases under their moniker of Soles of Passion. The latest of which is entitled Land Of The Big Blue Sun.

The latest release put out by Soles of Passion is a four-song EP. Like with the band’s previous releases, Soles of Passion combines elements of both Country music and Rock and Roll. This mixture is once again very evident within the four songs found on the Land Of The Big Blue Sun release.

Land Of The Big Blue Sun begins with the track “Turned it All Around”. Wolfe and Snow start off their newest release with a track that contains a strong Rock and Roll sound making use of the Rock and Roll side of their personality. The track begins with a very strong programming feel to the beat of the track. As the music begins, it contains a hint of what sounds like “Black or White” from Michael Jackson in the melody before the song changes directions rather sharply and takes on a feel of its own. The Rock and Roll sound of the track contains a strong modern feel to it. What stands out are the guitars and keyboards that really lay down some strong Rock vibes to the music. “Turned it All Around” is a very strong track to begin the newest release from Soles of Passion.

The feel of the music changes drastically with the next track of release. “Land Of The Big Blue Sun,” the title track, finds Soles of Passion going away from the Rock and Roll style of the last track as the band combines a strong Blues groove with elements of Country music. The combination of the Blues mixed with a fiddle that is very dominant on the track creates a song that takes the band’s sound into the Americana genre. The track has a light, fun musical approach with the lyrics sung by Myla Snow feature a positive and upbeat attitude as you may expect with a title such as “Land Of The Big Blue Sun”.

Soles of Passion once again change the direction on the next track. “It’s So You” finds Steven Wolfe and Myla Snow fully embracing the Rock and Roll side of their writing style. The track features a strong, driving beat with a quick tempo. The track also features some strong electric guitars to go along with that driving pace. The guitar solo at the beginning of the track helps the track feel as if it could have been created in the eighties. In fact, the eighties would be a good decade to place the track into. The track could easily have fit alongside artists like Pat Benetar, Heart, maybe even Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. “It’s So You” is easily the hardest rockin’ track on Land Of The Big Blue Sun.

The new four-song EP of Land Of The Big Blue Sun from Soles of Passion comes to a close with the track “I’m Beggin You Now”. Compared to other tracks on the release, “I’m Beggin You Now” comes across as one of the more relaxed songs as it contains a slightly lighter touch to the Rock and Roll influence to the music. The addition of the fiddle gives the track a slightly folkish flavor. The easier pace and lighter touch of the music on “I’m Beggin You Now” gives the track the perfect feel to close out the release.

Soles of Passion’s new EP of Land Of The Big Blue Sun finds the band creating a well-balanced release. The band also seems to have found the perfect mix on the release as the four tracks make good use of the band’s various musical influences. With this EP, Soles of Passion have created the strongest release in their library to date.

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Soles of Passion will be releasing their new EP of Land Of The Big Blue Sun shortly. Until then, keep up to date with what is going on with the band by checking out their Facebook page.





Listen to the music of Soles of Passion by checking out their video to the song “Turned it All Around“.

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