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CD Review: Soles of Passion “Escape from Jurisdiction B”

Steven Wolfe and Myla Snow combine talents to form the band Soles of Passion. The Los Angeles-based duo takes several different styles of music to bring their songs to life. Depending on the track, the band may focus on different style of music. Some tracks focus on the Rock side of the band’s personality. Sometimes it’s the Country side that is brought to life. But either way, the duo creates music that is very accessible. Together, Wolfe and Snow have created several releases under their moniker of Soles of Passion. The latest release to be put out by the duo is entitled Escape from Jurisdiction B.

The new release from Soles of Passion begins with the track “Say I Will”. The album’s lead-off track features a strong, driving Rock and Roll approach. The track contains a very strong keyboard base with a guitar part that seems to compliment the keyboards. The track’s slightly futuristic sound is due to the keyboards. Those keyboards bring together a slight New Wave approach. The track also comes with a musical flavor that brings to mind the style of Time-era Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).  “Say I Will” has enough of a modern-day sound to satisfy Modern Rock lovers while still being a little bit retro.

Escape from Jurisdiction B from Soles of Passion continues with the track “Wheezy Hissy Fit”. While the previous track of “Say I Will” makes use of the keyboard sound of the band’s personality, “Wheezy Hissy Fit” contains a different feel. The song stays in the past, musical speaking. The music of the track will remind music lovers of something that might have been played on the radio during the eighties. The track leans a little too close to a band like The Eurythmics. “Wheezy Hissy Fit” would once again fit perfectly in with music from the eighties.

With the song of “Tax Slave,” Soles of Passion change musical directions in a big way. The initial two tracks of the release lie somewhere within the Rock and Roll genre. But “Tax Slave” finds the duo creating a track that brings in a little country flavor to the music. The addition of the fiddle on the track adds that Country edge that separates this track from the first two tracks of the album. The addition of political leanings in the lyrics also helps to separate the track from those that came before.

With the track “A Place of My Own,” Soles of Passion change the direction of the music once again. While the track contains a Country direction like the previous track, there is more of a twang than on “Tax Slave” as the music moves along with a moderate but steady pace. The Progressive Country track features lyrics about looking for that perfect place to lay your head. Like “Tax Slave” before it, “A Place of My Own” seems to contain just a little bit of a political edge to the lyrics.

The new release of Escape from Jurisdiction B from Soles of Passion continues with the album’s “title track”. “Jurisdiction B” brings the duo’s political side out more to the forefront. On the track, the duo creates a track that speaks loud about the political scene currently in the United States. To bring the politically-charged lyrics to life, the duo creates music that combines some Rock elements with a lot of Folk influence. The mandolin that appears on the track helps bring that folk influence. It also gives the track a unique feel when compared to the rest of the release.

Soles of Passion bring back the energy of the music with the track “Two By Two”. The song finds the duo of Steven Wolfe and Myla Snow creating a track that once again takes the listener back to another era of music. The Rock and Roll found on this track would easily fit alongside several of the previous tracks on the release. The music would fit into any radio format from the late 80s/early 90s. And the lyrics to the song contain a gentle reminder of what real love could be.

Steven Wolfe and Myla Snow bring their Country influences out to the forefront once again on the track “Full Moon”. On the track, the duo creates the music with the help of Reeve Carney & Paris Carney. The track features slide guitar and fiddle to go along with the rest of the instrumentation, showing off the duo’s Country influences. With all of the various elements working together, the song contains plenty of Country flavor. “Full Moon” has plenty of energy and would easily fit onto today’s Country formats.

The new release from Soles of Passion comes to a close with the track “Lifetime/Father’s Eyes”. The track begins with the selection “Lifetime” that features a Folk/Rock sound to the music. The music contains a driving force to the pace while still containing a rather gentle feel in the background with the help of the fiddle and mandolin on the track. The resulting sound is somewhat reminiscent of gypsy music. The band then slows the pace of the music down for the second half of the track called “Father’s Eyes” For this part of the track, Soles of Passion create a song that brings to mind something from the band Heart mixed with a little influence from the band Dexy’s Midnight Runners thrown in. The two different musical approaches on the track create one of the most interesting moments on the Escape from Jurisdiction B release.

Escape from Jurisdiction B from Soles of Passion features a nice mix of influences. With each track, the duo of Steven Wolfe and Myla Snow challenges the listener, whether it’s with the constant changing of styles from one track to the next.

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