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CD Review: Starla Starshine “Red Lagoon”

Sometimes you have to take a break from what you’re doing to truly find the true direction you’re supposed to be traveling in. This is the best way to describe a musician who is currently calling herself Starla Starshine. Having been raised in Southern California to a botanist father, the young lady was truly a “flower child”. And the mindset that goes along with the lifestyle of being a flower child has helped to influence the songwriter’s music. The woman now known by the name of Starla Starshine started off as a rocker of sorts when she started a band in her mid-teens. But she wasn’t truly happy with the results and took some time off. And now, a bit later, she has returned with a renewed sense of self and a new desire to create music. In fact, she currently is promoting a new three-song EP entitled Red Lagoon. These three tracks have been released in advance of a full-length album that is soon to be released.

The most important track from Red Lagoon from Starla Starshine is, of course, the title track. The track “Red Lagoon” begins with the sound of the keyboard with helps to create an orchestrated feel to the music. That orchestrated feel soon fades as the music takes on a rather strong Pop-like sound that would is rather reminiscent of something from artists like Lady Gaga. The guitar and keyboard parts on the track blend together to form the basis of the track, while the strong beat provided by the drum machine helps to bring the track together. What is created is a track that contains both a strong New Wave vibe and a more current musical style at the same time. Although most of the track consists of keyboard-based sounds, the inclusion of the guitar gives the song additional depth to help bring the track to life. There is also a slight darkness to the music in the form of some production value that helps to add some depth to the track. That darkness fits well alongside the rather somber, macabre lyrics about the singer saving the one she is singing to from drowning in the “Blood Red Lagoon”. With the inclusion of slightly dark lyrics and the slightly retro feel to the music, “Red Lagoon” feels as if it would fit in well alongside acts from the eighties such as Soft Cell as well as today’s acts such as the aforementioned Lady Gaga.

Another track on the Red Lagoon EP from Starla Starshine is the song “Bad Boys”. Where “Red Lagoon” contained a little darkness in the music of the track, “Bad Boys” comes across as much lighter in nature. That is, the musical portion of the track has a lighter, more pop-like quality to it. The lyrics, on the other hand, still contain a little darkness as Starla Starshine sings about being attracted to the kind of boys that mama would warn you to stay away from. The lyrics to “Bad Boys” come across with some simplicity; not an over-simplicity, but they do feel rather familiar and that leads to the listener being able to join right in on the refrain of the song after only one pass through that section. While “Red Lagoon” was released as the initial single for the EP, you can easily see “Bad Boys” as the next track to be featured.

Starla Starshine’s Red Lagoon EP comes to a close with the third and final track. The song “Lover Man” changes things up a tad. The track features a Rock and Roll feel that is equal parts Alternative Rock and a Classic Rock/Hard Rock style that brings to mind artists like Pat Benatar or even Joan Jett. The track features a Rock and Roll approach that comes with an easy pace to the music but with an energetic feel at the same time. Part of that energetic feeling comes from the deep feeling of the bassline of the track and the driving feel of the drum part. The vocals from Starshine contain a certain amount of Rock and Roll feel while also containing a slightly operatic quality to them. While possibly the least energetic of the three tracks on the EP, the track of “Lover Man” has a rather catchy feel to it and in no way brings the feel of the EP down.

The three tracks that make up the Red Lagoon EP from Starla Starshine are both diverse in their styles and still rather solid. The three tracks each have a strong commercial quality to them. While “Red Lagoon” may be the lead-off single for the release, each and/or any of the songs featured on the Red Lagoon EP could become popular if only given the chance. For those who like Pop/rock music, Red Lagoon from Starla Starshine is just what you’re looking for. And the three tracks from this EP are just a small tasting of what is coming as a full-length album from Starla Starshine is on its way.

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The full-length release of Red Lagoon from Starla Starshine is due to be released later this year. Right now, however, you can check out the lead-off single of the release called “Red Lagoon” by clicking HERE