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CD Review: Stereo RV “Human”

Portland, Oregon-based husband and wife duo of Gabe and Myra Gleason had, at one time, been two separate musicians creating their own music. It wasn’t until the two found each other during a mutual performance that they decided to blend her keyboards with his guitar and beatboxing. Together, the  two musicians ended up creating a style that incorporates a lot of R&B influence with plenty of Pop-Rock. The result is a musical duo that creates pop music that is readymade for commercial radio formats. Together, the Gleasons make up a musical outfit known as Stereo RV.

While Gabe and Myra Gleason make up the musical outfit of Stereo RV, the duo had a little help in bringing the potential of the music out. It was with the help of John DeGrazio and Stan Chan that the sound of Stereo RV was truly realized. DeGrazio and Chan helped in the production and remixing of a combination of studio demos and new tunes.  Those tunes would become the debut EP for Stereo RV. Together, the four individuals just recently completed the new release called Human.

Human from Stereo RV begins with the EP’s title track. “Human” begins with a quiet piano gently played by Myra Gleason’s. Gleason’s vocals join the piano as she sings about trying to fit in. Eventually, the song builds and becomes an R&B –influenced pop song. The inclusion of Gabe Gleason’s acoustic guitar and beatboxing helps to make “Human” a strong track with an unforgettable sound that would easily fit on any Top 40 radio format.

With the very next track, the feel of the music from Stereo RV changes drastically. “Runaways” begins with a strong bass groove that gives the music a much more infectious feel to it. While the track “Human” was rather laidback, “Runaways” adds a lot of energy to the 2017 release. The song of “Runaways” brings to mind music from someone like KT Tunstall or even Natasha Bedingfield. With the strong beat to the song, the acoustic guitar from Gabe and the keyboards from Myra, “Runaways” is yet another track that would fit well on radio.

As quickly as the style of the music changed for the song “Runaways,” the music’s feel changes once again for the next track. “The One” is a slow-paced track that focuses on the music being created by John DeGrazio’s piano. And while there are strings that have been added to the sound of the track, it is the piano that stands out. As DeGrazio plays the gentle part on the piano, Myra adds her vocals to the track and sings to the listener that they are important in the grand scheme of things. “The One” from Stereo RV may very well be interpreted as an anthem of sorts for those looking for positive feedback.

Stereo RV brings the energy of their music back up on the track “Free”. One of the more interesting tracks on the five-song EP from the duo, the band creates a track that that feels as much like Indie Rock as it does Pop-Rock. “Free” features an equal amount of Myra’s keyboards and Gabe’s acoustic guitar. And while the track feels rather laidback as far as the energy level is concerned, the song still contains a certain amount of musical magic that draws the listener in and seems to hook them. Of the five songs that make up the Human EP, “Free” is the track that really brings out the true ability of Gabe Gleason as a beatboxer, as well as the talents of John DeGrazio and Stan Chan as producers. The track contains a strong beat that flows throughout the entire song. And when you realize that that beat was created entirely by a human, the song becomes that much more impressive. And with the production quality from DeGrazio and Chan, that beat truly feels as if it had been created by an instrument or machine and not by a man who was just using his mouth.

Human, the debut release from Stereo RV, comes to a close with the song “Who Am I”. Yet another laidback track, “Who Am I” has a slightly sparse feel to the music as the instrumentation from the keyboards of Myra Gleason is not layered very thickly, which gives the music a rather simplistic musical approach. That simplistic feel is complimented by the easy feel of the vocals from Gleason as she sings of self-doubt. Like the song “The One” a few tracks earlier, “Who Am I” comes across as an anthem for those looking for meaning in their lives.

On their debut release, Stereo RV creates an EP in Human that features lots of infectious songs in a relatively short amount of time. While only five tracks, Human from Stereo RV contains many moments that could find the duo on their way to bigger and better things in the near future.



HumanHuman from Stereo RV will be released on April 7, 2017. Until then, enjoy this preview of the EP will the title track of “Human“. 








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