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CD Review: Take Me to the Pilot “What Makes You”

Take Me to the Pilot is a rock band that takes their sound from bands like Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard and All Time Low. The Winnipeg, Manitoba-based band is Mike Bilenki – Vocals/ Guitar, Eric Grabowecky – Guitar, Adam Brown – Bass/ Vocals and Jonathan James – Drums. Having already released a self-titled album back in 2010, the band has returned with a new release is currently promoting their 2012 album entitled What Makes You.

What Makes You from Take Me to the Pilot begins with the track “Baby, We’re Gonna Be Rich”. The pop-rock feel to the song would fit well with today’s Top 40 radio formats. The song about having fun while you have the opportunity has the type of fun, lightheartedness that many people can identify with. Sometimes, it’s good to live with reckless abandon and this would be the song to have on your radio when you’re having that fun night out on the town.

The release continues with the track “Time’s Up”. With a sound that feels as much like a rock song as it does a pop song, “Time’s Up” would probably the most commercial track on the seven tracks that make up the What Makes You release. It also seems to be the perfect track for showing off just what Take Me to the Pilot sounds like.

One of the most infectious tracks on this new release is the track “Melody”. Featuring a sound mix that is part modern day rock and part 80’s rock, “Melody” feels as fresh today as it would have back twenty-five years ago. The lyrics to the track are as infectious as the music to the track and will get the listener in the mood to sing along with the lyrics.  “Melody” is easily one of the strongest tracks on the 2012 release from the Winnipeg band Take Me to the Pilot.

The pace of the release slows down just a little with the next track on the album. “Carry You Back” not only features the sound of the band, it also contains a good amount of production quality that helps to separate the track from the rest of the album as the song features strings and keyboard effects that help give the track a good amount of commercial feel to it. The slower pace of the track also helps to give greater depth to the emotional lyrics in the song.

The keyboard feel of “Carry You Back” continues on the beginning of the track of “What About the Time”. While the band picks up the pace after “Carry You Back” comes to an end, “What About the Time” is another track that has a light, fun feel to the music of the song. The light feel of the music goes well with the lyrics about remembering the good times.

With the track “Right Now,” the track begins with a light guitar part. After a few seconds, the track builds and becomes a pop/rock song that seems to have a timeless feel that would be at home in the 80s just like the track “Melody” earlier on the EP. The four-part harmony that appears on the track also helps to add elements to the track that help to set the track apart from the rest of the release.

What Makes You from Take Me to the Pilot comes to an end with the song “Travelling Heart”. The song begins with a folk-rock feel until the band joins in and then the song takes on a style that might remind you of Hootie and the Blowfish or maybe The Hooters. The pop/rock music of the song has the feel for the radio and could easily become a favorite of fans of the band.

The album What Makes You from Take Me to the Pilot is a fun release that features several styles of pop/rock music. With this new release, Take Me to the Pilot is a band that shows a lot of potential for the future. If you are a fan of pop/rock music, give Take Me to the Pilot and their album What Makes You a chance and they will become your next favorite band.

Click HERE for the video to Take Me to the Pilot’s song “Melody”.

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