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CD Review: The Brigadier – Time is a Wound

The third album from The Brigadier (Matt Williams) continues to showcase his extensive gift of music and melodies. It opens with the impressive and catchy “I’m gonna make you mine Missy” which combines a cutting lead guitar and Beach Boys backing harmonies. This is a bona fide classic track that shouldn’t be missed. Next, “Oh Paddington” is another magical melody with a slight psychedelic overtones and a bit like a lost Klaatu track. Slowly, the album gets funkier beats in “Why don’t you love me?” – with very 70’s style syths and a whispering lead that beckons the listener.

Much of the gentle almost narrative Roger Waters meets McCartney comes across on the tracks in the albums middle. Both “Traditional love songs” and “Ode to Escape” will hold your interest till the very Queen meets Moody Blues flavored “Time is a Wound.” The guitar work is excellent, but often a supporting player here as the mood and intricate harmonies lead the song. It’s my favorite on the disc, too. The songs gradually get both delicate and precious with the melodies and themes, like “Something Good” has a baroque current running through it. This tendency eventually leads us to the Kinks-like burlesque of “Jobseeker” and “(I Like) The Look Of You” with light harpsichord and do-wop chorus. The utterly gorgeous finale of “The Insomnia” is a Brian Wilson/Wondermints aria that tells us the author is begging all his active thoughts to stop and let him sleep.

This is the kind of release that will keep smart pop fans up late nights, playing The Brigadier over and over again.

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