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CD Review: The Brothers Union “Silhouettes”

There’s something about the bond between two siblings when it comes to doing things together. With two brothers or sisters or one of each share the same type of mindset, there’s something special that two random people cannot match. So when it comes to creating music together, two brothers will most likely create something special. And that’s just how it is with the band called The Brothers Union.

The Brothers Union is a quartet that is composed of not just one set of brothers, but two. Mike (guitar/vocals) and Sean (bass/vocals) O’Reilly is one half of the band while Alec (drums) and Jon (guitar) Wagstaff make up the other half of the ensemble. Together, the two sets of brothers are currently busy creating a whole lot of music. The reason for that is because of the fact that aside from two earlier releases, the band of The Brothers Union has released not one but two EPs of music within the last year and still has one more EP on the way that is due for release in just a few days.

It was back in early 2018 that The Brothers Union released their four-song EP entitled Little Blue Room. Later in the year, the quartet would release a three-song EP called Paper Hearts. With both of these releases, the band ended up creating songs that contain a Rock and Roll feel to the music that alternates between straight-out Rock and Roll influenced by the music of the eighties, and songs that fall into the Alternative genre and contain a sound that feels a lot more melodic in nature.

The most recent two releases from the band known as The Brothers Union feature the entire band of Mike and Sean O’Reilly and Alec and Jon Wagstaff. However, the newest two-song release from the band entitled Silhouettes comes with a completely different style as well as lineup. The tracks for the EP of Silhouettes from The Brothers Union feature only the brothers of Mike and Sean O’Reilly as they create two tracks as a duo.

Silhouettes from The Brothers Union begins with the track “Bluebird”. As the music for the song of “Bluebird” is simply the sound of the guitar and vocals, a certain amount of simplicity is present. That simplicity helps to create a gentle feeling to the track. That gentle approach helps add to the emotional aspect of the track as the song revolves around the idea of a relationship that the singer is wishing would grow into something even stronger. While the track contains nothing but vocals and guitar, the emotional feeling of the lyrics makes up for the lack of fullness to the music. That emotional feeling in the lyrics and the rather intimate feel to the music make the song feel like it would be the perfect track for the first dance at a wedding. 

The Brothers Union’s newest two-song release of Silhouettes also includes the song “Another Remedy”. While the track “Bluebird” features certain sparseness to the music that seems to fit the emotional feeling of the lyrics, the song “Another Remedy” comes across as just what it is: an unplugged acoustic track from a band whose music would fit into the Alternative Rock genre. As a matter of fact, the Acoustic Rock created on this track brings to mind two different bands at the same time as there seems to be some musical influence on the track from the likes of both The Cure and Smashing Pumpkins as the listener can almost certainly hear hints of “Friday I’m In Love” from The Cure and “1979” from Smashing Pumpkins in the music. While this track is definitely a stripped down version of what the full band sound from The Brothers Union is, the track also hints that this track could easily be expanded to a full-band sound if and when both sets of brothers in The Brothers Union decide to take the next step with the track.

Speaking of taking it to the next step, this two-song EP from The Brothers Union is purported to be a preview of things to come from the band. So stay tuned as a new album from The Brothers Union is rumored to be right around the corner.  

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Silhouettes from The Brothers Union will be available on May 14, 2019. You can find the release by clicking on the album cover below: