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CD Review: The Jezabels “Prisoner”

Coasting on a wave of recent success and with an EP trilogy under their belt, The Jezabels have continued carving their path in good fashion and, in this case, it’s with their debut album titled Prisoner.

On the heels of receiving a swagger of award nominations, cracking the US charts with their single ‘Hurt Me’ off of their third EP release entitled Dark Storm, which in itself reached number one on the iTunes charts, The Jezabels have certainly set the bar high for themselves.

Their latest installment is Prisoner, their long-awaited full-length album release. What we’ve come to expect from The Jezabels is here in true form as they continue to deliver the sweet yet edgy and distinguishable sound we know them for. When the distinct and persuasive style and power of vocalist Haley Mary is accompanied by keyboards by Heather Shannon, Sam Lockwood on guitar and drummer Nik Kaloper, we’re gifted with what becomes a fantastical realm of grandiose storytelling.

The first track released from the album, ‘Endless Summer,’ already holds a regular position on the airwaves and certainly sets the scene for the album to be one to share. Tracks like ‘Rosebud’ and ‘Trycolour’ will play a similar role in motivating upbeat visions of warm days, cool drinks and good company on your peripheral. Of course, in true Jezabels style, there’s a mixture of the light and dark and we’ve got those thinkers too, like ‘Peace of Mind’ and ‘Reprise.’

‘Horshead’ will take you on a series of encapsulating peak, but some of the hard-hitting choruses of old favourites like ‘Mace Spray’ and ‘Easy to Love’ run a little short. Nevertheless, Prisoner stays true to the style The Jezabels have stamped as their own and to think, this is only their first album.

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