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CD Review: The Kavanaghs “Love Conquers Pain”

The Argentinean pop/rock band The Kavanaghs came together and started created music with a very apparent nod to the British Invasion; most importantly, their sound had a lot of The Beatles in it as an influence. A few years ago, the band took their British Invasion-influenced music and created their first album, 2009’s self-titled release.

Since that time, The Kavanaghs has changed slightly. While guitarist/ singer Ale Pin, lead guitarist Diego Vazquez and multi-instrumentalist Tiago Galindez still make up the majority of the band, Seba Cairo has replaced Julio Leidi on drums.

And while the makeup of the band has changed slightly, The Kavanaghs have done even more, as their sound has more substance than it did back in 2009. While their sound still has some flavor from the British Invasion of the 1960’s, they have incorporated a lot of the styling of music that has been created since that time as well. The new album from The Kavanaghs, Love Conquers Pain, brings their sound a lot closer to today’s radio formats and playlists.

Love Conquers Pain from The Kavanaghs begins with the song “Tonight”. While the band’s earlier music took its influence from the British Invasion of the 1960’s, “Tonight” seems to have been flavored by the bands that are currently creating music over in Great Britain today. The driving beat of the music of the track and the keyboards from Tiago Galindez not only gives the song a sound that goes beyond the music of the sixties, this track has the most modern feel to it when compared to the rest of the album. Not surprisingly, the band is using this track as the initial single off the release.

“Come On (Before the Wind)” brings The Kavanagh’s sound back into a more retro feel as the band returns to the days of the 1980’s. The pounding piano from Tiago Galindez along with the solid rock music from the rest of the band comes together to create a track that will bring back the sounds of early Springsteen and maybe even Bob Seger.

The song “Emma Peel” more than just a little bit brings to mind the song “Elenore” from The Turtles. The music and the notes being sung to bring the lyrics to life will easily have you thinking back to the song that was a hit from back in 1968 for the American pop-rock band.

While most of the album Love Conquers Pain has a sound that follows the feel of the British Invasion, The Kavanaghs take a stronger approach to their music on the track “That’s All You Need to Know”. On this track, The Kavanaghs seem to stay true to the early British Rock And Roll and still take their sound into a more recent time period: This track falls somewhere between the early Beatles and the later sound of The Who.

It is on the track “About Tomorrow” that The Kavanaghs return once again to their roots as this track is yet another song that sounds like it would have been written by Lennon/McCartney. With the inclusion of the electric guitar on this track, the sounds of past and present seem to collide and create an interesting musical hybrid that should make fans of yesterday’s British Invasion and the more recent wave of British music happy.

One of the songs on the new album from The Kavanaghs that people should really like is the track called “Last Dance”. The band takes the chance to create a fun and upbeat song about bringing the night to a close on your own terms.

With Love Conquers Pain, The Kavanaghs created a follow-up to their 2009 self-titled release that is just as fun to listen to as the first album while taking their sound and pushing it in a more creative and unique direction. While the band’s self-titled release was very heavy on the British Invasion sound, this album takes the band’s sound and gives it more of a feel all its own…..while staying close to the band’s roots.

The Love Conquers Pain release from The Kavanaghs has more to offer than just music, as the band has also included a Mini-Documentary on the album and the video to the song “Tonight”.

For more information on the band, check out the band’s record labelDreamscape Records.