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CD Review: The Kavanaghs “Pop Power”

Through its history, Rock And Roll has had a long and wild path that has made its way into many different cultures. While England and America are the most widely accepted locations for where new music comes from, countries such as Germany and Canada have also added their share of history to the music genre. And with more and more people becoming familiar with the sound of the music, Rock and Roll has found its way into almost every country on the planet, including down in Argentina. It’s in Argentina where you find the band The Kavanaghs, a band of four musicians (Tiago Galíndez on Vocals/Bass/Piano, Seba Cairo on Vocals/Guitars, Diego Vázquez on Guitars/Backing Vocals, Franco Barbieri on Drums) who have been making their own brand of Rock and Roll music for years.

Over the years, The Kavanaghs have created their own music that has been largely influenced by the sound of the British Invasion and then the American response that followed it. For their influences, The Kavanaghs have mentioned bands like The Beatles, Badfinger and The Raspberries (among others) as those bands that have inspired them the most. And when listening to the music of The Kavanaghs, you can most definitely hear each of these influences coming through.

The Kavanaghs have already released two albums (the 2009 self-titled release and the 2011 album of Love Conquers Pain) as well as a few other releases that make use of those influences. And while the band is currently in the middle of recording yet another release to add to those two albums, the band took the time to create a short, four-song EP that finds them performing some of the songs that influenced them the most over the years. The new release from The Kavanaghs that finds them in a Back-to-Basics mood is entitled Pop Power.

Pop Power from The Kavanaghs begins with the track “She’s Not the One”. While not a cover tune, it is an original song that finds the band showing off their love of the British Invasion/Post-British Invasion era of music. The track immediately conjures up visions of bands like The Raspberries, Badfinger and others from that era. In fact, the track feels so at home with those bands that the track feels as if it could have been heard on a release from The Raspberries back in the seventies.

It is with the next track that The Kavanaghs begin their tribute to the bands that helped to inspire them. The first cover tune is “I Wanna Be With You,” the song written by Eric Carmen and performed by The Raspberries. On their version of the track, The Kavanaghs stay true to the spirit of the song and with the help of producer Mark Linnett, the band captures the same feel as the original track.  As a result, the four musicians in The Kavanaghs create a very strong cover with the track.

The newest release from The Kavanaghs continues with one of the most familiar tunes from the seventies because of a certain television series. With the sitcom of That 70s Show, many people have become familiar with the Big Star-penned track “In the Street”; although, most know the version of the track by Cheap Trick. The version of the song as done by The Kavanaghs seems to borrow a bit from both the Big Star version and the Cheap Trick version. While both of the other bands made the song what it is, The Kavanaghs’ version ranks right up there as just as good.

With the cover of the song “No Matter What” from Badfinger, the newest release from The Kavanaghs comes to a close. As one of the tracks that The Kavanaghs play in concert, fans of the band are already quite familiar with this version of the track. The band does an excellent job of capturing the live feel of the track for this release.

Pop Power from The Kavanaghs is a quick glimpse into the Argentinean band’s sound and style. The original track of “She’s Not the One” and the three covers included in the release work well together to show off the talents of all in the band. The release is a great way to bridge the gap from the band’s last album of Love Conquers Pain and their next one.

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