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CD Review: The Lost Millions “Novellas Dantes”

While there are plenty of bands out there that follow the current trends in Rock/Alternative music, there are still those bands that draw inspiration from older musical genres. Austin, Texas is home to one of the bands that are creating new music that is inspired by Classic Rock as well as other older styles. The band in question is The Lost Millions.

The Lost Millions is a band that consists of: Matt Westfield on Vocals/Guitar, David Lines on Guitar, Scott Bettersworth on Drums, as well as Heath McBurnett on Bass. Together, this quartet of musicians combines elements of Classic Rock, Stoner Rock, Alternative Rock and other sounds to help shape the music that can be found on their two releases: 2017’s 101, along with the band’s recently recorded EP called Novellas Dantes.

Novellas Dantes from The Lost Millions begins with the track called “See the Light”. The track starts off with a strong bassline from Heath McBunett before the drums and guitars join in to create a track with a Classic Rock sound from the seventies. The track also seems to blend in some Stoner Rock influence into the music. The heavy nature of the track brings out that Stoner Rock influence. As the track begins, the band creates a minute-long jam that combines the Classic Rock and Stoner Rock approaches together. For those who like their Rock and Roll heavy, this is the perfect example of that. And while the track is heavy, it is also melodic as guitarists Matt Westfield and David Lines create a harmonic feel to the music. With the various musical elements that are contained within the track, “See the Light” kicks off the new release from The Lost Millions with lots of energy.

After the energetic feel of the song “See the Light,” The Lost Millions lightens things up with a track that features a slower, less intense feel with the track “My Street”. On this track, the band brings out a stronger Classic Rock approach to the music. The Classic Rock feel on the song brings to mind The Rolling Stones.  As a matter of fact, the song “My Street” could easily remind the listener of The Rolling Stones during the same time in which they produced the song “Miss You”. While the track “See the Light” from The Lost Millions is not a carbon copy of the track from The Rolling Stones, you can hear the inspiration from the legendary band’s influence in the music of The Lost Millions. The track features a playtime of over five minutes, giving the band the chance to jam out a bit. This gives the listener a good chance to hear the talent of the musicians who make up the group.

“Wisdom of the Mad Priest,” the third track off of the Novellas Dantes EP from The Lost Millions, starts with a strong guitar riff that could remind some of the playing of legendary guitar player Duane Eddy as it brings to mind the feel of Classic Rock/Oldies music. The Classic Rock riff is soon joined with a rather Bluesy feel to the music. The Classic Rock/Blues blend creates a base to the track that soon segues into a straight-out Rock and Roll track that feels as if it could have been created during the 1980s. While “Wisdom of the Mad Priest” does feel as if it came right out of the eighties, it is still one of the strongest and most listener-friendly songs of the five that make up the EP.

The Novellas Dantes EP continues with the track “Mad at the Sun”. With the song, The Lost Millions create a track that contains a sound that falls somewhere between the late eighties Rock and Roll and early Alternative Rock. There is elements of both of those styles of music in the song. The track starts off slow and light with an easy pace to the music as only the guitars create the moment. The harmonic playing of the guitars creates one of the prettier passages on the release before the rest of the band joins in to create that Rock and Roll/Alternative Rock blend. After the easy beginning to the track, the music builds and what results is a track that would fall into the Modern Rock genre. “Mad at the Sun” is one of the strongest tracks on the release.  

The Lost Millions slow things down on the final track of the EP entitled “Complicated”. And just like with the first song “See the Light,” the band starts things off with an instrumental passage that lasts for around one minute before the vocals from singer/guitarist Matt Westfield join the song. This track features a slight psychedelic feel to the music as well as a jam band like quality to it that comes from the easy, slow pace of the music. “Complicated” brings the EP to a close on an easy note.

Novellas Dantes from The Lost Millions is a five-track release that makes the listener wish for more. The five tracks show off the band’s different musical influences while creating a very entertaining release that goes by too quickly.

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For a taste of the Novellas Dantes release from The Lost Millions check out the band’s single “See the Light”. 

To hear the entire Novellas Dantes release from The Lost Millions, check out the band’s spotify account by clicking on the album cover below: