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CD Review: The Love Dimension “Create and Consume”

Formed in the Bay Area of San Francisco, the band called The Love Dimension seems to encompass the whole spirit of the 1960s and their music definitely shows that. The band creates a sound that includes many different genres of rock and roll including straight-out rock, psychedelic rock, surf rock, even a little garage rock. The band’s many different influences create a solid sound that borrows from many different sounds but still sounds very cohesive…and just a little dated as the band’s sound feels like it could have fit in with the bands that were around at the time of Woodstock and just a little bit after that, as well.

The Love Dimension is a band that consists of Jimmy Dias – vocals, guitar; Celeste Obomsawin – vocals, percussion; Devin Farney – vocals, keys; Sonny Pearce – drums, percussion; Tommy Anderson – bass as well as Kyle DeMartini. Having already released several albums worth of music and several standalone singles as well, The Love Dimension is currently promoting their newest release. The 2014 album from The Love Dimension is called Create and Consume.

Create and Consume from The Love Dimension begins with the track “And So Love Begins”. The rock and roll music with the inclusion of a Theremin-like sound truly brings the psychedelic feel of the band’s music to life. The lyrics of the song also contain a definite 1960’s feel to them which adds to the genuine psychedelic feel of the song.

The Love Dimension keeps the feel of the 1960s going on the track “Sure Get a Lot”. The track brings to mind the feel of bands like Jefferson Airplane as track features lyrics about love and the music contains elements of the music from the sixties. The flute and the organ on the track give the song a very authentic and dated feel. But that just adds to the aunthentice feeling of the music.

Just as one track with a psychedelic feel comes to an end, The Love Dimension continues that feel with the track “Inner Eye Insight”. The track’s lyrics about making use of your inner eye and living in harmony with nature also brings to mind the time of the sixties. The track will easily have you thinking back to that time in history.

The track “Down the 1010101” is one of those tracks that are perfect for cruising the highways as it contains an infectious driving beat to the music. Originally from the 2012 EP entitled Not Until All Beings Are One, the band decided to revisit the track. The original Garage Rock feel of the original recording of the song (“Down the 101”) has been added to with just a hint of computer sounds making the newer version feel as if the road was now about the Information Superhighway. The track comes to an end but then the band immediately does a reprise that expands the song to a longer jam.

While many of the songs Create and Consume from The Love Dimension have a strong and quick tempo to them, the band slows things down just a bit on the track “O Beautiful Girl”. The use of multiple male and female voices on the track bring to mind songs from a group like The Mamas and The Papas and the lyrics on the track also have that unmistakable feel to them, as well.

For the song “Have You Had Enough,” The Love Dimension brings out the jam-band mindset of the group. The lyrics of the song ask if people have had enough of war and violence, an idea that was everywhere sixty years ago and has come back in full force today. Along with the lyrics about questioning war, the band takes the opportunity to show off their abilities as the musicians take the time to rock out on the song.

The Love Dimension brings their 2014 release of Create and Consume to a close with the track “Like the Feeling of the Sun”. On this track, the band really goes all out and just lets the music take over. The psychedelic feeling of the instrumentation on the track turns the song into an all out jam session. The inclusion of the sitar from Matt Robeson adds to that psychedelic feeling of the track.

From the very first note, Create and Consume from The Love Dimension hits the listener with sounds that bring back memories of times gone by. Create and Consume has many great moments in its music that will keep the listener entertained until the very last note.

To hear just a little bit of The Love Dimension, check the band’s live performance of the track “Foggy City Blues“.

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