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CD Review: The Nadas “Lovejoy Revival”

Sometimes a band can exist under the radar for years without people outside of their area knowing about them. One such band that has put in their time but have yet to break out to national praise is the Iowa folk-rock band The Nadas. The four musicians who make up today’s version of the band are singers/guitarists Mike Butterworth and Jason Walsmith, bassist Brian Duffey, and drummer Brandon Stone. The Des Moines-based band has been around long enough to create eight full-length releases with the last album, Alamanac, having been released in 2010. After a three-year break, the band has just released a new album called Lovejoy Revival.

Lovejoy Revival starts with the track “Star Crossed“. The a’cappella vocals at the very beginning of the track lead themselves into a track that features music that is part rock music and part folk. The combination creates a song that has a very catchy, commercial sound while still having a bit of an alternative rock feel.

What started out as a song written for a wedding turns out to be one of the shining tracks off of Lovejoy Revival from The Nadas. “Meant to Be” is a love song that has a lot of heart and emotion to it….and is one of the few songs on the release that was not penned completely by The Nadas. The song was co-penned by songwriter Tricia Martin who wrote the emotional lyrics before handing the song over to the band for them to complete. The resulting track combines a folk feeling with a little rock music to create a track that is perfect for that first dance at any wedding.

The next track on the album, “Someone You’ve Never Known” is one of the catchy tracks on the new release from The Nadas. The rock music created by the band has a driving rock pace to it that is created by a strong bass part from Brian Duffey while featuring instruments like the banjo that add that country flavor to it. The song also features vocals from the band that help give the song a lot of charm. The level of energy presented by the band on this track helps make this song one of the best tracks on the release.

With the next track of “New Place to Hide,” the band slows the pace down a lot. The soulful sound to the music on the track along with the inclusion of the muted trumpet on the track makes the song stand out from the rest of the album. With this track, The Nadas end up making a track presents a slightly different view of the talent of the members of the band.

The folk feel of the track “Star Crossed” makes a return on the track “The Visitor”. The simple acoustic track is created with just the inclusion of a mandolin and the vocals of a person just passing through with a light electric guitar in the background of the song. The simplicity of the music on the track helps to allow the lyrics on the track to shine through.

Lovejoy Revival continues with the track “Honor”. The band creates a song that shows off the ability of the band to create straight-out rock and roll. The band lets loose with a track that seems like it should have come from the radio of the 1980s. “Honor” ends up being the hardest rockin’ track on the release.

While “Honor” is the hardest rockin’ track, “Only Love is Real” is one of the tracks that brings out the folk feel to the band of The Nadas. And while “Honor” takes the listener back to the 1980’s, “Only Love is Real” takes the listener back to the 1960s. The track actually feels as if the lyrics and music could have been written by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. The lyrics even have the quality of those from the Vietnam War era.

While the majority of Lovejoy Revival from The Nadas contains original compositions, the band did include their version of the Rolling Stones’ classic “Beast of Burden”. With the definite references to the original version included in the new version of the song, the version by The Nadas sounds as much like The Rolling Stones as it does The Nadas. Needless-to-say, the new version is a good interpretation of the classic track.

The 2013 album Lovejoy Revival from The Nadas ends with the track “Hard Rain”. The track has an acoustic rock feel which goes well with the heartbreaking lyrics about moving on from a relationship that has come to an end. The track brings the solid new album from The Nadas to an end with a little emotion.

Lovejoy Revival from The Nadas features an ever-changing feel and allows the members of the band to show off their abilities to play different styles. The 11 tracks that make up the album will give you many different styles of music in a short amount of time and will keep you entertained throughout its length.

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