CD Review: The Respectables “Sibley Gardens”

Discovering bands like The Respectables is like spotting land after a long and boring venture lost at sea. Land ho – not only is their musical terrain a welcome treat for sore ears, but these guys speak my language.

Nick Piunti, on vocals and guitar, sounds like a cross between Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum) and Josh Todd (Buckcherry), with just enough rasp to give their brand of pop rock the rock edge that demands respect. The songs cover many different strata within the rock gradient – from classic rock, melodic rock, garage rock, to power pop rock. Wherever they go on the rock map, they sound right at home.

CD opener “Charged by the Minute” is the big hit, fusing roots rock with sugary power pop – love those hand claps with the crunchy guitar riffs! The pleasant “Could It Be” is a fine example of their strong sense of melody and pop instincts. “When You Come Back Around” is another highlight, composed of all the right chords under some very tasty leads by Joey Gaydos. The remaining tracks are also consistently good, with each song having at least one element that makes you want to hear it again. The only thing that would augment some of the tunes is additional harmonies. For example “Where You Are”, the closest they get to a ballad, is a great song that has the potential to be incredible with a few well placed harmonies.

I can’t think of too many people who claim to be fans of rock music that would not like The Respectables. With just the right amount of attitude, grit, and melody, Detroit’s The Respectables are a one-stop shop to satisfy all your rock and pop cravings.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 4, 8, 10

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