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CD Review: The Revisionists – The Revisionists (Loveless Records)

While most bands have an interesting story behind how they have formed or how their newest work came to be recorded, The Revisionists came about due to pure luck. Though the band members had been friends for a long time, they didn’t become a band until they found themselves in the same recording studio working on different projects. Two of the trio, Dan Lavery and Kevin Shepard had been members of the mid-90’s alternative rock act Tonic while Sam Jones has produced an award-winning documentary for the band Wilco and has made a name for himself as a producer for other artists.

Together they have made an album full of punk energy while boasting a stripped-down sound reminiscent of The Clash and The Jam. While the songwriting is not quite to those bands’ levels yet, the sound is pure ferocity and will immediately win anyone into becoming fans of the band.

I say check them out as this is one of the better debuts I have heard this year.

4 stars on the Scott-O-Meter


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