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CD Review: The Unbroken “Human Crown”

Brooklyn, New York-based band The Unbroken is a group that draws inspiration from several different eras of Heavy Metal while throwing in a little amount of melody to create a Heavy Metal sound that feels different than much of what is currently out there right now. The Brooklyn, New York outfit consists of: Chester on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Mark on Lead Guitar, Jeff on Bass, and Tamas on Drums. Together, the members of the band are creating music that is as good as anything on a major record label right now. The band is currently promoting their newly-released five-song EP entitled Human Crown.

Human Crown from The Unbroken begins with the track “Stuck in the Way”. As the track begins, the band launches into a Heavy Metal sound that draws inspiration from the likes of Pantera. The blistering guitars at the beginning of the song combine with the bass and drums to create music that seems to have a driving feel to it. That driving feel to the music gives the track plenty of energy. While the one guitar provides the energy, another guitar adds some nice harmony to the background of the song, giving the track depth. And when Chester adds his vocals to the track, a rather strong track is created. As the song continues, a refrain changes the feel of the music as Chester’s vocals add a little more melody to the track. The driving feel to the track changes a little later in the track as the song slows down. What results in the later moments of the song is a Heavy Metal sound that draws inspiration from the Heavy Metal of the late eighties/early nineties. At just over four minutes, “Stuck in the Way” is a very busy track with a lot of changes and a lot of energy. As the first track of the EP, the track sets the bar rather high, making the listener want to hear more.

The Unbroken slow their new release down with the next track called “Suffering in Silence”. And while the track does have a slower pace than the previous song, it’s only because of the driving nature of “Stuck in the Way”. This is not to say that “Suffering in Silence” is a slow track or one that lacks energy. Far from it. This track simply has a more moderate pace to the music. And like the later parts of the previous song, this track appears to draw inspiration from Heavy Metal from the eighties and/or early nineties. Part of the reason for that reference is because of the music itself produced by the band, part of that is because of the production quality on the track as the sound of the instruments have a timeless feel to them. The drums, in particular, give off a certain eighties vibe in the way they sound. “Suffering in Silence” is easily the track for those looking for Old School Heavy Metal.

One of the more melodic moments of the Human Crown release from The Unbroken happens on the title track of the EP. The track also features one of the slower paces of the five tracks included on the release. It is on the song that the guitar work from Chester and Mark truly shine as the two guitarists create music with lots of melody and harmony, creating a track with plenty of depth. Where the previous two songs were all about the energy of the music, it is with this song that the musicianship of the band members is truly shown off. The band has chosen to slow things down to allow for the instruments to speak for themselves. At least for the first two minutes of the song. After those first two minutes, the energy and pace of the music picks up. But the band maintains the melodic nature of the music while stepping up that energy. Guitarist and lead vocalist Chester is also featured as he adds a vocal delivery that contains a slightly stronger melodic delivery on those vocals. With the melodic nature of “Human Crown,” it is rather easy to see why this song was chosen to be the title track of the EP.

With the next track entitled “I Never Forget,” The Unbroken brings their music back to a much more energetic musical delivery, producing another Heavy Metal track with a brutal nature to its music. In fact, with this track, the musicians create one track that features one of the telltale signs of pure Heavy Metal- screeching guitars. When the previous songs had the energy, this song features those screeching guitars, as well as also containing pummeling drums from Tamas who adds plenty of energy to the track. For this song, the energetic music is matched up well with Chester’s powerful vocals. The guitar solo from Mark late in the song adds even more energy to the track.

The quartet known as The Unbroken brings their Human Crown release to a close with the track called “Nothing Left to Sell”. Much like with the title track of the release, the track of “Nothing Left to Sell” features a stronger melodic feel to the music. But unlike that particular song, this track contains a strong, driving feel to the music. It’s that balance in the melody and the energy that helps give the track its personality. While not as brutal as the previous track of “I Never Forget,” the energy level of the song creates one of the best moments on the new EP from The Unbroken.

Human Crown from The Unbroken is everything that a fan of Heavy Metal should be looking for. The strong guitars, deep bass, pummeling drums as well as strong musical deliveries and even some melodic moments add up to a five-track EP with plenty of things to satisfy fans of Heavy Metal. In fact, this is one of the strongest Metal releases I’ve heard in a long time. And it’s welcome, in my opinion.  

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