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CD Review: The Victory Drive “Before I Self Destruct”

New Jersey-based The Victory Drive formed to create a pop-punk band that had a similar sound to bands like Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack and others. With a song like “The Countdown,” the band was well on its way to gaining the same type of notoriety that those other bands were having. This meant being part of The Warped Tour where bands with the same style would share the stage in front of many fans of the music. Before long, The Victory Drive was no more. Soon, however, Jamie McClanahan would return under the same moniker and start creating music on his own.

While the band version of the group had that pop-punk sound, the newer version of The Victory Drive has a musical style that is much closer to that of the musical outfit known as Owl City. The music of the new version of the band is more electronic-based just like Owl City’s sound is. And like that band that is essentially one man, Jamie McClanahan takes the lead as he creates the music for The Victory Drive on his own. During the time that The Victory Drive has existed, the music ensemble has created two previous EPs of music. To add to that library of material, a new three-song EP has just been released under the moniker of The Victory Drive. The new EP is entitled Before I Self Destruct.

Before I Self Destruct from The Victory Drive begins with the track “Bad Romance,” a cover of the song made famous by Lady Gaga. While the original version of the song by Lady Gaga contained quite a bit of darkness contained within the gothic rock feel to the music, the new version from The Victory Drive lightens things up a tad as the music takes on a feel that feels as if it had been influenced by The Eurythmics. The new version takes the song in a New Wave/Alternative direction. The resulting track ends up being a very strong interpretation of the song as it keeps much of the original style but allows enough of a difference that the song feels fresh and new.

The new release from The Victory Drive continues with the track “The Countdown, Pt.2”. Back in 2012, the song “The Countdown” was released on the band’s Almost Famous release. Like much of the music that had come from the band at the time, “The Countdown” contained a pop-punk sound that contained plenty of pop hooks that would have fit on any Top 40 radio format. The track dealt with counting down the time before the pain of no longer having someone in their life. Now, in 2017, a new track has been created that picks up later on as the singer returns to see about renewing the relationship that should never have ended. The new track features a much lighter feel to the energy level than the original. “The Countdown, Pt. 2” has enough of the old song’s feel to it so that the two tracks feel connected. However, the newer, lighter track is fresh enough that it easily stands on its own.

The third and final track on the Before I Self Destruct release from The Victory Drive is the song “Dynamite”. Like the track of “The Countdown Pt. 2,” “Dynamite” finds Jamie McClanahan creating a track with an easy pace to the music. The track contains a musical direction that is very reminiscent of that from Owl City. The pop/rock approach of the music is mixed with strings that help to add a certain amount of beauty to the track about ruining chance after chance. The final track of the three-song EP finds Jamie McClanahan creating a song that has a lot of substance to the music.

While only containing three tracks, Before I Self Destruct from The Victory Drive shows three different styles of pop-rock in those tracks. The different sounds give the new EP variety despite its rather short play time. With the new direction that Jamie McClanahan has taken his musical outfit, this short release gives new and old listeners alike a glimpse of what lies ahead for The Victory Drive.

To check out the music of The Victory Drive, check out the track “Dynamite“. 

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