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CD Review: These Electric Lives “We See Light”

Toronto-based These Electric Lives kick off their latest EP, We See Light, with “Hit the Ground Running” – a punchy, synth-oriented track reminiscent of blinking lights and a crowded dance floor. “Called it Off” follows with a mellower vibe, far more laid back but still holding the foot-shuffling energy one may come to expect of These Electric Lives; the chorus swells majestically and the vocals  provide a lovely counter melody.

“Work the Night” begins with a grungier guitar and a darker tone, sounding more alternative in nature than the whimsical previous tracks. This song feels more like work than the other two and gives off a tension that was not present before, giving These Electric Lives an interesting depth.

“We Won’t Call this Home” follows in its predecessor’s footsteps and is permeated by thicker mids, a heavier sound with more distorted guitar and less of the lightheartedness originally presented.

That’s it for original songs on the EP, as the next four are remixes of the original four tracks. “Hit the Ground Running (Life Express Remix)” transforms the original into a musical creation with a driving bass beat far more suitable for a club which, unfortunately, removes some of the original joy and lightness that were present in the original. “We Won’t Call This Home (Griffon March Remix)” has also lost much of itself in its transformation into a club-scene dance track.

“Work the Night (OPOPO Remix)” was a surprise, as it actually seems to work better after having been remixed; the tension that was so obvious in the original has been transformed into a high energy house song that begs for movement. Finally, “Called it Off (TMDP) Remix” is far more attentive to the bass and is metamorphosed into a slow jam that is comparable to Phantogram or Blackbird Blackbird and definitely works with the song.

These Electric Lives have strong potential in their future however, including remixes on their EP may have been more confusing to their image than they accounted for. It makes it more difficult to get a clear idea of the band themselves and while it does offer insight into others’ creativity, These Electric Lives should not forget that We See Light is their EP and we all want to hear what they have to offer.

From the four tracks that are their own, they offer a blend of bouncy, upbeat lightness that easily shifts into broodier tracks that still make you want to move your feet, even in a small way.

Score: 7.5 / 10