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CD Review: Thomas Nicholas Band “Heroes Are Human”

Before 2007, the majority of the people in the U.S. knew actor Thomas Ian Nicholas from his acting roles in films like Rookie of the Year and as Kevin Myers in the American Pie franchise. But it was in 2007 that people started to discover his talent as a singer-songwriter as well. At that time, Nicholas released his debut CD entitled Without Warning.

While Without Warning is a solid release, the album was written and created by Thomas Ian Nicholas with a lot of help from several talented musicians who helped Nicholas translate his musical ideas into full-fledged songs. And because many different people helped to create those songs, the feelings of the songs change from one track to another as the line-ups change.

Three years later, Thomas Ian Nicholas the musician has returned. This time, Nicholas has a new approach to music as three other musicians who help to complete The Thomas Nicholas Band have joined him. The three musicians who complete the Thomas Nicholas Band are: Rob Leifer on lead guitar, Thai Long Ly on bass and percussion, and Shay Goodwin on drums and percussion, as well as background vocals. Together, this quartet has created a new album entitled Heroes Are Human.

The first track on Heroes Are Human is the title track. “Heroes Are Human” is a song that Nicholas wrote to say that he wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t for some special everyday people who have helped him. The track should ring true for many of us, as we all know people who have given us that special push we needed to succeed in life. With the great message and sound to the song, the track is definitely a single for the album.

“Turn Me Off” is the second track. The unique sound to the instrumentation on the song makes it another track that could be used as a single.

The track “Color Outside the Lines” is a song that says that it is okay to be your own person and do your own thing.

Like “Color Outside the Lines,” “Wake Up” is a track about choice. The track is an anthem for today’s youth to take a stand and change the world.

“Bitter Sweet” is a great track about a past relationship that won’t die. The best thing about the track is the e-bow playing by Rob Leifer. The e-bow gives the song a sound that really separates it from the rest of the album.

Playing on the concept of heroes, Thomas Ian Nicholas wrote a song called “Super Girl”. The song is about an everyday girl who turns out to be so much more.

The song “Roo Doot” is a song that really allows the listener to hear what the band can do. The rest of the band joins in as they shout echoes to lyrics sung by Nicholas in the song. It really brings the band together to let the listener know that they are really one in music.

The last track on Heroes Are Human is the song “Lost In My Home”. The track finds Nicholas singing a duet with Sarah Bettens. The song sounds like it should have come off of Nicholas’ previous release of Without Warning in two ways: The track has the same basic feel as songs from that release, and the song sounds like it is an answer to Without Warning’s track “Anybody Home”.

Thomas Ian Nicholas proved he had talent as a singer-songwriter in 2007 when he released Without Warning. With The Thomas Nicholas Band, he has found the perfect group of musicians to help him bring his music to life. And the band’s 2010 release of Heroes Are Human is a solid debut release and a definite step in the right direction.