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CD Review: Tim Mahoney “Brooklyn”

Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter Tim Mahoney is probably best known for being one of the initial contestants on the very first season of NBC’s The Voice. And while that show may have helped his musical career, Mahoney had had a career that had spanned many years up to that point.

After being voted off of The Voice midway through that season, Tim Mahoney has continued to push forward with his career and has released several CDs since that time period. The latest release from Mahoney was entitled Peace of Winter, a six-song instrumental EP that featured songs with a Winter Solstice theme running through the piano-based tracks. While the majority of Tim Mahoney’s rather impressive discography of music is largely pop-rock based, Peace of Winter showed off a much different side to the singer-songwriter as the tracks all contained a New Age approach to the music.

Just recently, Tim Mahoney went back into the recording studio to create a new collection of music. Returning to his pop-rock roots, Mahoney created a six-song EP entitled Brooklyn.

The first thing that the listener notices when listening to Brooklyn from Tim Mahoney is the rather sparse production quality contained within the music. Aside from a piano or guitar on the tracks, very little else was involved in creating the tracks. This may have had something to do with Mahoney keeping the same mindset that he had used when he created the Peace of Winter release that had contained just Mahoney and his piano as he performed in front of a live audience. While the Brooklyn EP had been created in a recording studio, few elements have been added to the six tracks other than Mahoney and his piano. The minimalistic production quality makes for a very intimate listening experience.

The new release from Tim Mahoney begins with the title track. “Brooklyn” finds Mahoney sitting at the keyboard for the track. The slow pace to the music creates a ballad-like feel to the music and since the lyrics are about a city that seems to mean a lot to Mahoney, “Brooklyn” comes off as sort of a love song. The addition of a cello adds some depth to the song while the vocals from Mandy Maietta helps to add to the beauty contained within the track.

On the next track of “Happenin,” Tim Mahoney trades in the keyboard for the acoustic guitar. With a style that brings to mind someone like John Mayer, Mahoney creates a track that has a very commercial feel to it. And with a stronger presence from background singer Mandy Maietta, “Happenin” is a touching duet about a romance that is beginning to blossom. With a little more instrumentation on the track, “Happenin” could easily be a single.

While the majority of the songs on the Brooklyn release from Tim Mahoney are very sparse in nature as far as the instrumentation is concerned, the track “71” contains the most depth to the music. Mahoney’s piano is joined by strings that add an orchestration to the song that helps to emphasize the romantic feel of the lyrics. “71” feels ready-made for radio airplay.

Another one of the strongest moments on the Brooklyn release from Tim Mahoney comes on the track “Hold on to Your Heart”. Just like the track “71,” “Hold on to Your Heart” features the piano and strings to create a track that, once again, focuses on love. With this track, however, the lyrics are a message of sorts to one of Mahoney’s friends who was experiencing tough times in her life. With this track, Mahoney has seemed to have recaptured a certain spark that had been present on an earlier release from him. In fact, “Hold on to Your Heart” would have fit in perfectly on Mahoney’s 2008 release called Stay/Leave. Mahoney is currently promoting this track as a personal anthem for all women out there who are looking for that extra amount of strength in order to survive anything.

While most of the new release from Tim Mahoney features the sound of the piano, it is the sound of the organ that begins the track of “Understand”. Soon, Mahoney and his acoustic guitar join the organ to create the sound of the Acoustic Rock track. And while the organ, guitar and tambourine create the music, the song somehow feels incomplete, like the rest of the band should be joining in at some point but never do. The song feels right at home amongst the rest of the songs. It just feels like there should be more.

The new release of Brooklyn from Time Mahoney comes to an end with the song “Bills Song”. The slow-tempoed, piano-based track features lyrics about someone who seemed to do the best he could but never lived up to his own expectations. The sadness in the song makes the track feels very real.

Brooklyn from Tim Mahoney is an EP that features very simple arrangements in the songs that make up the release. That simple feel in the music creates songs that are very listener-friendly. And even with sparse musical arrangements, this new release finds Tim Mahoney returning to a musical form that hasn’t been seen from him since the Stay/Leave album.

Check out the Brooklyn EP from Tim Mahoney by going to his website. Click on the CD Cover below to hear the music.







While Tim Mahoney has recently released his Brooklyn EP, he has been simply giving the EP away for free as a Thank You to everyone who has been supporting him. Use the CONTACT button on Tim’s website to inquire about a copy of the release.

For more information, check out Tim Mahoney’s PR firm, Michael J. Media.