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CD Review: Tongues – s/t (Indie)

The music industry is not an easy industry to make it in. There are countless bands that form every day just to break up the next week. The musicians who never give up are the ones who continue to look for that right sound, feel, and group dynamic.

The Chicago band Tongues got together to create something different. And with the many different bands the members of the band have been in, the “something different” they wanted to create was almost a guarantee.

Tongues is made up of five musicians that have been floating around the Greater Chicago area for years going from band to band looking for that specific sound. And while the five members of the band have come together as a band, some of the members are still creating music with their other musical outfits.
Todd Paglialong (or Mr. Todd Pot as he calls himself) has lent his vocals to bands that have included: The House That Gloria Vanderbilt, Apocalypse Hoboken, and The Vicelords, to name a few.
Andy Peterson is the drummer for the Chicago band. Andy joins Todd as they both played for Apocalypse Hoboken. Along with A.H, Andy has also given some of his time to the band Mexican Cheerleader.
One of the band’s Lead Guitarists, Erik Bocek, has spent time as guitarist for several bands. Some of the groups that have had the musician as their guitarist include: Ghosts & Vodka, Joan of Arc, An Automotive, plus many others.The other Lead Guitarist for the band is Francis Gilbert. Frank has spent time playing guitar for bands not just in the Chicago area, but also on both coasts.Bassist Sean Shipley has been writing and performing music for the last 15 years. It is that time in the industry that has allowed Sean to perfect his style on the instrument.

When Bocek, Pot, Peterson, Shipley, and Gilbert formed the band, the members took styles from each band they were a part of and combined all of those styles into one ever-changing, ever-so-different sound. And to make the group even more different than the other bands, a lot of humor was incorporated into the lyrics of songs. The band’s recently released self-titled album contains their unusual style. With such titles as: Scatologically Speaking, and Bulkowski Dating Service, the listener is in for one heck of a ride.
The band’s humor is evident in Bulkowski Dating Service in lines like this: “A former high school athlete is what you’re not. To comb the hair of retards and wipe their drips of snot.” And of course, the song Meathooks and Chopping Blocks (aside from having a great title) also contains humor. Two lines from this song include: “No longer alive, a cup of dust quenches his thirst.” And “The day the world ends is the day that he is saved.”

The humor in the band’s lyrics and the difference in the combination of styles that make up the band’s sound help to create a unique album. If you like finding something different in your music selection once in a while, then the self-titled album by Tongues may be just what you are looking for.

To find the band Tongues and their self-titled release, you can find them on MySpace at (and yes, this is their account)