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CD Review: Tools of Creation “Adventures in Chaos”

If you are looking for good hard rock being made by a modern-day rock band, look no further than Tools of Creation, a band that makes its home in Canada’s capital of Ottawa. The band is made up of three musicians who really know how to create hard rock that sounds as authentic as bands that have since become legends in the music industry. In their music, you can hear influences from bands like Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and many others.
The three musicians that make up Tools of Creation are:  vocalist/guitarist Ben DiMaria, bassist/vocalist Chris Rock, and drummer/vocalist Stewart Scharf. Alone, they are talented musicians; taken together, they make up one of the best hard rock bands out there today.
One of the first things that absolutely stand out is Ben DiMaria’s vocal quality: At times, Dimaria sounds like Brian Johnson from Australian rock band AC/DC; other times, his vocals sound like Roger Daltry; and of course, his heavy metal sound holds up well against the best metal singers. To say that DiMaria has the perfect voice to front a hard rock band is a bit of an understatement. Just take a listen and you’ll agree.
As a guitarist, Ben Dimaria can give the best out there a run for their money. DiMaria’s guitar playing brings mind some of the best hard rock guitarists back in the seventies. And as a songwriter, DiMaria knows how to write music that people will immediately gravitate to.
The next person to help bring the hard rock feel to Tools of Creation’s music is bassist Chris Rock. The lines that Rock adds to the music give just the right amount of heaviness to the band’s sound.
Stewart Scharf provides the beat for the band. With Scharf’s energetic playing, Tools of Creation have the one of the hardest rockin’ sounds out there today.
In the final months of 2010, Tools of Creation released their newest album entitled Adventures in Chaos. This new release contains eleven tracks of pure hard rock.
The album of Adventures in Chaos from Tools of Creation starts off with the song “Too Much Isn’t Enough”. The band performs the song with plenty of energy to give the listener just a hint of what they can do when they perform their music. The song definitely fits into a Classic Rock/Hard Rock category. And with the inclusion of Ben DiMaria’s vocals, you end up with a track that brings to mind something that could have been created by Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan when he was doing his solo stuff under the name of Gillan. The song most definitely reminds the listener of that band’s song called “Sleeping On the Job”.
The second song on Adventures in Chaos from Tools of Creation is entitled “Bridge too Far”. The track brings back memories of the radio format that was once called Power Rock. “Bridge too Far” is the type of song that can make the listener start singing along with the lyrics after only one run through of the chorus. This is one of the best songs on the release.
“Movin’ On” from Canada’s Tools of Creation brings to mind another Canadian band: You can almost hear Bachman-Turner Overdrive (otherwise known as BTO) in the music of this track. With the driving beat of the song, the track could easily remind the listener of any of BTO’s more energetic tracks that led to that band being as popular as they were during their time.
On the song “Love is Hate (In Disguise),” the band Tools of Creation turns to a more Heavy Metal-like sound. With this track, the band sounds like they are channeling AC/DC. And DiMaria really sounds like Brian Johnson. This is one track by the band where they truly seem to wear their influences on their sleeve. Of course, having AC/DC as an influence is never a bad thing.
The last song of the album, “Bullets for Breakfast,” is a song that sounds as if it should have been written for Queensryche’s rock opera “Operation: Mindcrime”. The lyrics of the song would easily fit within the storyline of the album, and the song itself has the same feel as the rest of that release.
Having taken notes from some of the best bands throughout the history of rock ‘n’ roll, Canada’s Tools of Creation have a solid grasp of what good hard rock music sounds like. And the band’s newest album of Adventures in Chaos is a strong reminder of what good rock ‘n’ roll can sound like. If you like hard rock, this is definitely one album you need to add to your music collection.
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I will be playing a track from TOC’s album tonight on Rock and Roll Report Radio. Check it out at or if you are in the Montreal area CKUT 90.3 FM from 10:00 – 11:00 PM EST. I will be playing “Love is Hate (In Disguise).” Great track!

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