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CD Review: Trash the Brand S/T

Trash the BrandScotty Austin, Scott Anthony Little and Steven Pulley are three musicians that have many sides to their personalities; that is most true with both Austin and Little as they are musicians who take turns playing almost anything. Together, multi-instrumentalists Austin and Little along with drummer Pulley create the Tennessee-based band called Trash the Brand.

Trash the Band is a trio that creates their own version of Rock And Roll as they combine genres such as rock, rockabilly and other styles to create something they call “swamp-a-billy”. The resulting music gives the band a sound that is fresh and different from most of the “cookie cutter” bands that seem to just fall in line and make the same music as everybody else. With Trash the Brand, each song they create is a unique take on rock and roll.

The first track on the band’s self-titled album is “Souls on My Shoes”. The first 30 seconds or so of the track features a “chorus” that is reminiscent of a Native American chant. That chant builds to a point that when the music comes in, the listener gets hit with a track that is part Kid Rock and part Queens of the Stone Age. Needless-to-say, the track is both strong and fun from the first tick until the last one and the energy in the music will keep you grooving along with the music. And with the lyrics about letting nothing stand in your way no matter how bad your week has been, the song is the type of track that someone could actually use as a personal anthem of sorts.

With the track “Social Call,” the band changes their style just a bit. The resulting song has a “power rock” feel to it with just a hint of “southern rock” thrown in. The band seems to have chosen to follow “Souls on My Shoes” with “Social Call” as the two tracks feature a “no nonsense” approach to the lyrics. As “Souls on My Shoes” lets you know the singer won’t be stopped, “Social Call” lets you know he isn’t there for fun.

“Larry and the Blue Dog (Devil’s Ride)” is possibly the track off of the self-titled release from Trash the Brand that could easily be the first single. The track begins with an intro featuring an acoustic guitar and a light drum feel that matches the hopelessness in Scotty Austin’s voice as he sings about the last couple days of pain and suffering. When the band kicks into high gear a little later, they create a track that has a strong chorus that is easy to sing along with. The track is one of the best songs on the release.

With the song “Weak like Me,” Trash the Brand creates a track that feels more like something from Deep Purple than Queens of the Stone Age. Trash the Brand brings in some keyboards that create a Classic Rock feel to the track. With the alternating between hard and quiet moments in the music, the track is another quite commercial track on the album.

“Bad, Bad Boy” is yet another strong track on the self-titled release from Trash the Brand. If there was any particular track that might actually fit the band’s description of “swamp-a-billy,” it could easily be the song “Bad, Bad Boy”. With plenty of rock feel to it, plenty of twang to it, as well as some keyboard sound, “Bad, Bad Boy” is a track that features many different sides to it. With the track, Trash the Brand creates yet another track that will leave the listener wanting more from the band.

While most of the songs on the self-titled album from Trash the Brand feel as if the three musicians in the group are strong fans of Southern Rock, Classic Rock and other genres that have existed for quite a while, on the track “1000 Songs,” the band throws the listener a curve. Maybe it’s because the band exists just a few miles from either Memphis or Nashville, but whatever the reason, the very commercial track of “1000 Songs” is a track that seems to contain a lot of influence from several current bands like Five for Fighting, Goo Goo Dolls and others. The resulting track contains a large amount of commercial feel with the inclusion of strings to give the song some added beauty to the emotional feel of the lyrics to the song as Scotty Austin sings about the emotional side of relationships.

The new self-titled album from Trash the Brand is a very solid release as the band creates eleven songs that incorporate many different styles of rock music that have helped to shape the genre over the years. Many of the songs created by the trio of Scotty Austin, Scott Anthony Little and Steven Pulley are strong enough to stand on their own. Put them together, however, and you get an album that never seems to disappoint.

To check out the music from Trash the Brand, go to the band’s website.

Click HERE for the video to the song “Souls on My Shoes”

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The self titled album Trash The Brand is a breath of fresh air with a generous helping of soul and genuine talent that is such a rare find these days in music. Larry and the Blue Dog (Devil's Ride) is nothing short of a boot stomping, glasses raised, head bopping go time barroom classic with vocals and tunes artfully mixed to perfection. With the track 1000 songs, one is carried away, almost visually,(a rare talent found in these talent young musicians) on Austin's vocals to a bed alone as the morning sunshine breaks through the curtains to a place we have all been; living with the regrets of not saying what we wanted to say, needed to say…

The track Low Down is a fast paced kicker that will get stuck in ones head all day.

Damn Sho Talk About you is the IDGAF song of the year, directed toward "haters" and those who talk about people, not as a hateful thing, but as a" not gonna bring me down" swamp-a-billy tune.

Souls On My Shoes is a bright, fast paced song that is highly relatable to audiences.

All in all, the talent and showmanship of this group is nothing short of phenomonal. With the ingrediants of talent, passion and lyrical genius Trash The Brand have lit the fuse on their rocket to stardom with this highly anticipated debut album that leaves the listener wanting more

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