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CD Review: Treat – Coup de Grace

True to their name, Treat is a treat…for the ears. The new CD from this Swedish melodic rock band was released April 6 and is called “Coup de Grace”. Any fan of catchy hard rock should be on the lookout for this one.

Treat’s acclaimed debut album “Scratch and Bite” was actually released 25 years ago, during the heyday for this type of music. 25 years later, “Coup de Grace” is their sixth effort, and it is a whopper. “Coup de Grace” is filled with one solid catchy rocker after enough. I can see myself going back to listen to this one time and time again. Older and wiser, the boys in the band embrace this and write intelligently about what dads and husbands with serious responsibilities might want to hear. Treat prove that a band can age gracefully and still rock the paint off the walls without singing about the same old tired themes of drinking, partying, and nailing groupies.

The record gets off to a bit of a questionable start, with a nondescript intro track and the first rocker, “The War Is Over” is less than memorable. But then you’d better hold on because the ride doesn’t let up with a long string of crunchy catchy tunes like “All In”, “Paper Tiger”, and “Roar”. “A Life To Die For” is a superb power ballad with a seductive chorus and glorious bridge that brings the best of Journey to mind. A CD stacked with so many great tunes up front usually fades away by the end, but not so with this one – the record ends on a climatic high note with “All For Love” and “Breathless”. As for favorites, my picks are “Paper Tiger”, “Heaven Can Wait”, and “No Way Without You”.

The band writes decent lyrics compared to most of their counterparts in this genre, unafraid to do politically charged songs. In this way, they remind me of White Lion, but other comparisons that come to mind include Europe and Firehouse at their rocking best. For those missing high-quality guitar and keyboard driven melodic rock of the late 80s, “Coup de Grace” is a treat indeed.

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