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CD Review: True Nature- “Feels Like Centuries”


True Nature have just released their latest CD called Feels Like Centuries and this new EP is a great listen. True Nature claims that they call the Greater New York area home. But that is simply simplifying the situation.  

True Nature is one of the strongest groupings of musicians to ever come together for the sake of creating music. “Along with Lou Barlow on lead vocals and guitars, three other musicians helped to make the band’s music a reality: The lead guitarist for the group is Gerry Leonard, a guitarist who has recently been performing with Rufus Wainwright and David Bowie; the bassist for the group is none other than Tony Levin, known for his work with John Lennon and Peter Gabriel, amongst many others; and the drummer from True Nature is Aaron Commess, founding member of the Spin Doctors.”

The grouping of Lou Barlow with Leonard, Levin and Commess creates a band with an historical integrity that few can match. With Commess, Leonard and Levin making their livings as professional musicians, each one of the three musicians has spent time in a number of musical situations, never spending all of their time in one place, and never being in one place for very long. This experience has allowed Commess, Leonard and Levin to develop their playing styles so that every musical style they’ve been exposed to has influenced them, and that no particular style has influenced them too much. This influence can be heard on each track of Feels Like Centuries, as the band seems to take a unique approach to the song, giving the release a fresh feeling throughout the songs. And the three musicians help give Barlow a great band to help him complete the sound he was looking for with this release.

Feels Like Centuries, the new EP from True Nature, is a short but very enjoyable release. And while the CD only contains five songs, those five songs still exceed the twenty-five minute mark.

The release starts with three rockin’ tunes of “Truth I Have To Steel (Simple Heart),” “The Color of Day Light,” and “My Freedom Lies Behind The Sun”. These songs give any rock music lover a lot of enjoyment, as the band delivers these songs with a lot of energy. These songs are straight-out rock, but with the band members’ experience in music, the songs are delivered with a sound that is fresh and yet still feels familiar. Definitely well-balanced.

The pace of the EP changes with the final two songs of the release. For both “Woman” and “Too Close To See Who We Are,” the songs are more about listening to the music and the lyrics than they are about “rockin’ out”. And while the songs do slow the pace down, the release does not suffer, as the musicians are able to shine on these last two songs of the release.

With the talent and history behind each member of True Nature, it is quite easy to see how the band’s second release of Feels Like Centuries has turned out to be such a good CD. The only complaint I have against it is that it is over way too soon, as the CD only contains five songs. Hopefully, the next release from the group won’t take that long to become a reality. But to enjoy the band’s current release of Feels Like Centuries now, simply click on the album cover.

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And to enjoy the band’s current release of Feels Like Centuries now, simply click on the album cover below.