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CD Review: True Nature “You Shouldn’t Have To Shout So Loud”

In 2009, singer-songwriter Lou Barlow went about creating a CD of modern rock music. For this project he was able to bring together three of the best-known musicians in world to help him record the release. Aside from Barlow, the rest of the band consisted of guitarist Gerry Leonard, bassist Tony Levin and drummer Aaron Commess. With these three musicians, Barlow created a modern rock outfit under the moniker of True Nature.

Because of who these particular musicians are they got together when they had the chance. When they were able to make time, they went about recording tracks for their first CD. The resulting EP, entitled Feels Like Centuries, turned out so well and received such high praise that they needed to go into the studio to finish the album. And in 2010, that’s just what they did.

When someone creates a release that is very strong and a pleasure to listen to, it is almost impossible to surpass it. The best thing you can hope for is that when the new release is finished, it doesn’t disappoint.  To ensure that the follow-up to the debut release from True Nature didn’t disappoint, Barlow went with the mindset of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. For the follow-up to the debut release from True Nature, Barlow brought in not only the three main musicians of Leonard, Levin and Commess, but basically everyone else who helped create the first release……right down to the person who helped design the packaging for that first release.

The 2010 release from True Nature, entitled You Shouldn’t Have To Shout So Loud, literally picks up where 2009’s Feels Like Centuries left off. In fact, Barlow wrote the first track on the release, which also happens to be the title track, with the help of Dave Zwieback. The song sounds so much like Feels Like Cenuries’ “My Freedom Lies Behind The Sun,” that you would swear they were written at the same time.

The second song on the new release from True Nature is “Only Love”. While this song still has the same feel as the rest of the songs by the band, the band seems to have gone for a sound that belongs more on radio stations back in the eighties when power rock was around.

Following a pattern that started with Feels Like Centuries, Lou Barlow includes one song on the new EP that changes the pace of the album by slowing things down for just one song. On the last release, “Woman” gave the listener the chance to hear what the musicians could really do; on You Shouldn’t Have To Shout So Loud, the song “One Soul” gives the listener that opportunity. With the slower pace of “One Soul,” the talent of the musicians is more apparent than on any other track on the CD.

The last new track on the CD is the song “New Father”. The song once again slows the pace of the music down; but this time, the slower pace helps to bring the EP to a close.

As this new release from True Nature contains only four original tracks, Lou Barlow brings back the song “My Freedom Lies Behind The Sun” from the Feels Like Centuries release. This time, the song has been edited down to a radio-friendly length to be used as a single.

Once again, Lou Barlow proves himself to be a very talented singer-songwriter. And with the help of Aaron Commess, Tony Levin and Gerry Leonard, Barlow created yet another winner with the release of You Shouldn’t Have To Shout So Loud, the latest from the group True Nature.

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