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CD Review: U.S. Americans “Greatest Hits”

The band U.S. Americans is a Rock and Roll band that makes its home in New York City. The four-piece band consists of Jeff Weiss on Vocals/Guitar/Percussion, Emerson Williams on Drums, Daniel Deychakiwsky on Bass/Guitars and Roy Abraham on Guitars. Together, the musical ensemble creates a sound that they describe as: “Acid punk, whirling guitar, pummeling vocals, throbbing bass, and Dickensian drums.” With this style, the band has created a brand new album of music. And like much of the Punk Rock music scene, the band of U.S. Americans has taken to creating a release that has a slight political undercurrent to a few of the songs on the release. The new album from is U.S. Americans entitled Greatest Hits.

Greatest Hits from U.S. Americans begins with the track “Playtime”. This track features a quote that is most likely where the band’s moniker comes from. Back in 2007, Caitlin Upton, a Miss Teen USA contestant was answering a question about people living in this country not being able to find the United States on a map when she dropped the now infamous description of “U.S. Americans” as part of her answer. While the track features this now infamous statement, the song also features a rather fun lyrical content from vocalist Jeff Weiss as the track features lyrics of board game titles strung together to create a rather amusing wordplay. The track also features a very strong, driving feel to the music. Blending all of these elements together, “Playtime” is a track that comes across as more fun than political.

The new release from U.S. Americans continues with the track “Money in America”. The track’s sound features a very strong seventies vibe to the Rock and Roll music, not to mention the unmistakable Robert Plant vibe on the vocals from Jeff Weiss. The track has a definite Classic Rock style to the music in the style of Led Zeppelin while the lyrics deal with ever-growing divide between the Haves and the Have-Nots in the United States. Musically, “Money in America” will appeal to fans of Classic Rock while still trying to get a message out there about the shrinking category of the Middle Class in the U.S.

With the track “Innocent Fools,” the band changes the direction of their music. On this track, the band takes up a sound that would fit firmly in the eighties. “Innocent Fools” finds Jeff Weiss, Emerson Williams, Daniel Deychakiwsky and Roy Abraham blending their talents together to create a strong Power Rock sound. The strong guitar presence in the track and the feel of the bass and drums really bring out the feel of the track. While the track may not be ready for radio airplay because of the throwback feel to the eighties-style music, the song will absolutely fill the void for those music lovers who have missed the sound of the eighties.

For the track “Manolo,” the band creates a track that features a Prog-Rock style of Rock and Roll that feels as if it had been influenced by Frank Zappa. In fact, the music features guitar playing that brings to mind either the playing of Frank himself or that of his son Dweezil. “Manolo” is the shortest track on the release, but it’s still one track that stays with the listener.

“Fade Out” is the current track on the release to be featured, and it’s easy to see why. The track begins with a guitar riff that sounds as if it’s been backwards masked. That effect creates a very unique sound that catches the listener’s ear immediately. That riff is repeated over and over again throughout the entire length of the track which adds to the unusual but catchy nature of that riff. After the riff has played for about ninety seconds, the rest of the band joins in to create a song that features a slow pace to the music; at least, for the first half of the song. The track alternates between a slow pace and a much harder musical delivery that picks up the pace. The track “Fade Out” is easily one of the tracks that stands out the most on Greatest Hits from U.S. Americans. And the track is one of the songs that all but begs the listener to put on headphones and just allow the music to take you away.

The track “King Someday” is a track that finds U.S. Americans blending musical styles. The track contains a strong Classic Rock feel to the music that also contains a light Hip Hop flavor to the lyrical delivery. Actually, the delivery on the lyrics feels slightly more poetic than Hip Hop-flavored; although, there is a definite Hip Hop attitude to the lyrics. “King Someday” contains a slow pace to the music that brings to mind the music of Led Zeppelin once again.

U.S. Americans pick up the pace of their music for the song “Fuck the KGB”. The Punk Rock track contains a strong guitar presence that goes along with the quick pace. With the track, the band lets their feelings out about how they feel about the Russian spy agency. The track adds just a little bit more political presence to the band’s Greatest Hits release.

Greatest Hits from U.S. Americans comes to a close with the track “Dentist Street”. The track contains a rather relaxed feel to the music while still containing a strong backbone. The straight-out Rock and Roll track has a definite timeless feel to the music. The track could have been created in any decade of the last forty years. To go along with that timeless feel to the music, the lyrics are also rather universal as they seems to tell you to watch your step no matter what you do. “Dentist Street,” while not containing one of the more upbeat musical paces, is one of the more memorable tracks on the new release from U.S. Americans.

The Greatest Hits release from U.S. Americans is a solid album from the very first note. The New York-based quartet incorporates many different musical styles of Rock and Roll to create a release that changes directions throughout the twelve tracks. If you like Rock and Roll, even Rock and Roll that’s slightly political, Greatest Hits from U.S. Americans is well worth checking out.


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