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CD Review: Vibeke – The World Famous Hat Trick (Pop Detective Records)

Scandinavian pop princess Vibeke puts her best food forward on her new album, hoping to capture some of that US dollar! And why not? Her brand of guitar-loaded yet catchy, danceable pop has just as much, if not more, substance of any of this “I Kissed A Girl” nonsense currently all over the radio. I mean, is Jill Sobule getting any royalties from that girl’s song?

Anyways, Vibeke’s album did great business overseas and receiveed plenty of great reviews so it was only a matter of time until some savvy label brought it over here and gave Vibeke a foothold over in the Red, White and Blue. Not only does Vibeke have a great pop voice and even better pop instincts (she writes most of the songs here and plays piano and acoustic guitar), she also knows her way around the history of great pop, choosing great songs to cover cover by power pop legends such as Dom Mariani and Frank Secich of the legendary Blue Ash. This is a very pleasing debut and an artist to watch. This album is great fun and bodes well for great things down the line for Miss Vibeke!


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