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CD Review: Voice of Addiction “Reduce, Reuse, Resist”

Ian Tomele grew up being exposed to the classic punk sounds of Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols and many other influential bands. It should come as no surprise, then, that Tomele would go on to create his own band, a modern punk/rock band called Voice of Addiction.

Earlier this summer, Voice of Addiction went on a mini-tour to release their fourth album entitled Reduce, Reuse, Resist. This 13-song release contains great punk/rock music. Voice of Addiction is composed of not only singer/bassist Ian Tomele, but also guitarist/singer Jeff Walschon and drummer Andy Petty. This trio creates music that could easily categorize as “rock,” even though there are plenty of punk influences in both the music and the lyrics of their songs. The overall rock feeling that exists throughout the music creates music that still has the attitude, but also contains plenty of creativity in the songs. And the band also includes some ska influences into their sound, as well. This gives the music from Voice of Addiction’s music a lot of depth to it.

As with most punk releases, Voice of Addiction’s Reduce Reuse, Resist features songs with attitude against the way things are. The first song on the album, “Wrecking Ball,” is about taking so much crap in yourlife that you go off like a wrecking ball. With that type of lyrical content,it should not surprise you that the music to the song has a very energetic feel to it, creating a strong beginning to the album.

Setting themselves apart from many of the punk bands out there today is Voice of Addiction’s use of harmony in their music. One perfect example of the band using harmony in their music comes on the album’s second song “Constant Pollution”. While the group is a trio of musicians, the use of multi-tracking for Jeff Walschon’s guitar allows for many different guitar parts to be recorded in each song, creating a harmonic sound in the band’s music.

Most punk rock has a political side. The music of Voice of Addiction is no different. One very political song on the band’s Reduce, Reuse, Resist is “September Remembered”. While America has 9/11, other major events have also taken place during September. “September Remembered” is a track that tells of the Spanish Anarchist Revolution of September 1936.

Another very political track on the album is “Mother”. “Mother” refers to Mother Earth. The track refers to all of the bad things that humans are doing to the planet and what the consequences of those actions might result in, as the planet might soon become inhabitable to humans.

After many other songs that are just as powerful and enjoyable to listen to, Reduce, Reuse, Resist from Voice of Addiction comes to a close with the acoustic track “Need Change”. The three-part harmony created by Tomele, Walschon and Petty gives the track a lot more depth that adds to the solo acoustic guitar that is the driving force for the song. The addition of some percussion late in the track also gives some texture to the otherwise sparse track.

Along with “Need Change” being the only acoustic track on the entire release, the song is also different in another way:

Need Change” is a song  written using song titles from the album to help create the lyrics to the song. In fact, ten of the thirteen song titles appear in the lyrics. Even the album title (which appears several times throughout the album) and the band’s name appear in the lyrics. While this could be a gimmick that could easily fall as flat as an deflated Mylar balloon, the use of titles as lyrics creates a song that has the same feeling and message as the rest of the release. Ian Tomele and the rest of Voice of Addiction should be congratulated for having the courage to try something unique for one of their songs. One thing that should be said is that the unusual song brings the band’s 2011 release to close on a happy note, leaving a smile on the listener’s face.

In Reduce, Reuse, Resist, Voice of Addiction have created an album that never disappoints.


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